PUC students undertaking the clean-up exercise
clean-up exercise

He said this could be done by actively involving the people in the participation of sanitation activities in their communities.

PUC students undertaking the clean-up exercise
PUC students undertaking the clean-up exercise

He said many have shirked their environmental responsibilities and were looking up to the AMA for everything to be done in their communities.

Mr Ashong made the call in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) during this month’s Sanitation Day exercise in Accra.

He expressed unhappiness with residents of Accra for not showing commitment to clean environment, adding that; “it is about time everyone rise and take up the responsibility of ensuring clean sanitation.”

“The most alarming phenomenon is that anytime the issue of clean-up comes up many people are not prepared to help”, Mr Ashong said.

He said Government alone could not address the enormous environmental problems, hence the need for everyone to get involved in the sanitation exercise.

Mr Ashong said AMA’s strategy was to effectively engage the people about the need to ensure that they live in a clean environment, hence the vigorous public health education.

Mr Mathew Dapilah, an official of the Public Health Department of the AMA, told the GNA that his outfit has started issuing notices to residents in Accra along the independence road to take responsibility of their frontages.

He said the exercise was in the best interest of the people as the sanitation bye-laws would be strictly enforced.

Source: GNA


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