Congress in its surrogate MP role is busy diverting the motherland?s business away from retrieving the Woyome money and other pressing matters such as the payroll bill accruing from the apparently bloated slave castle staff.

 Before the death of a president, there were two lists of staffers and appointees; one for the office of a president and the other for the office of the vice-president. These were appointments that were personal to the office holders.

It should follow that when one dies, especially if it?s the one who made those personal appointments, then the one who succeeds him appoints per his own personal likes not the predecessor?s.

Flashback to a press encounter, where and when the departed who made the appointments prior to his departure told everyone that he was appointing only those who shared his personal philosophy. And now that he who made personal appointments to suit to his person is no more, those he appointed in his person for his person should simply disappear.

It is Parliament?s responsibility it cannot fail to discharge, having failed to investigate the health of a president and thereby embarrassing the motherland in ways and means by which a president ought not to have been made to die meaninglessly and in demeaning circumstances as well as cause the motherland huge financial loss in funeral expenditures. Add the geese of geese park losing their peace park to a cemetery.

The fear about the baby with iron teeth is not just about biting presidents who have exited office alive. It is the dreaded fear of encouraging babies to grow such teeth with which they would take huge bites off the national motherland cake. Babies with the canine teeth planted in the slave castle will drain the national purse when allowed to continue biting the way they have been biting all over the place.

If you have watched the opiki-the-champion kid in that ad who bites off a chunk of the macho boxer?s glove, that is what I mean. Having encouraged congress babies to grow that kind of iron steel with which former presidents have felt bites, the fear and worry for the motherland is babies from the political parties (we all know congress is not a political party, it is a congress) are being encouraged to grow such teeth.

Anyone who encourages or sits idly by or condones babies from the political parties CPP, NPP, PPP or any other to grow such integrity-undermining monstrous teeth should know that they would be working the motherland into a failed experiment.

It is now everywhere. It is known by many in the motherland that bites taken off the motherland?s cake which is meant for free SHS education and building roads and housing and providing jobs by the devastating teeth of the congress babies are so humongous.

The bites are taken to build mansions, buy fuel ferrying tankers, stuff cheeks and do so many other things that sabotage the motherland?s economic growth and development.

Now, safe routes are open to the coffers of the motherland, her cake stored at the ministry of finance for party functionaries who are allowed to dip their hands into the national coffers for a bite of the cake. Party functionaries have grown baby iron teeth for taking bites off the national cake in her money.

Any doubts about tentacle teeth that spread into recruitment into armed, special and all kinds of forces have been removed by a tape. There has been so much recruitment, first to replace everyone sacked from NPP employment in NYEP, NHIS, foreign service, police and armed forces, cocoa spraying, toll collectors and toilet fee collectors, among others.

The congress baby teeth have bitten deep into the security system and the national kitty. In a sense, congress set out to have babies who will grow that kind of teeth. They have always cultivated babies who will bite with those teeth.

Baby presidential staffers and advisers and appointees have grown the teeth, molars, premolars, incisors, everything teeth. They have been biting deep into the motherland?s purse and continue biting double-double if what looks like holding double-double appointment positions is what it is.

Iron-teethed babies such as he SOA, A-B, OB, IF, FK, HI or she HB outside the slave castle in some ministerial position have been biting off the motherland?s cake well, well. Those in the slave castle, including KA, AS, SD, NLV have been biting what they see as their share which no one has allocated to them as their share.

Adding JJ and B-B to the payroll without subtracting KA and NLV, for example, is double-double bites on the motherland?s treasury. Parliament must, therefore call for a new list of the staff at the presidency to ensure no double double biting off the national cake is occurring.      

By Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh

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