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Hassan Ayarigah
Hassan Ayarigah

Hassan Ayarigah, the Presidential candidate of the People’s National Convention (PNC) must be a very ambitious man.

According to him, he started dreaming about becoming the President of Ghana at a very early age.

He had three very clear goals in life, two of which he claims to have achieved.

Ayariga’s first ambition was to travel abroad and his second was to marry a white woman.

His third ambition, of course is to become the President of Ghana.

This is what he told “Africa Watch”, “ I started thinking of the presidency when I was very young. I told my dad that I had three things in mind – to travel abroad; to get married to a white woman; and to become the President of this country, and I have done the first two, except becoming President that is what I am waiting for.”

Brilliant talk. This gentlemen is surely on his way to flagstaff house as the next president of Ghana


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