Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta addresses crowd on Sept. 1, 2017
Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta addresses crowd on Sept. 1, 2017

What seemed to have started as one of those everyday jokes is gradually gaining credence and momentum. It is having a certain spiritual twist as events corroborates with this notion.

We all recall vividly when Uhuru Kenyatta visited Ghana during our 59th Independence celebration. Something very unusual happened on that day, President John Mahama made him the president of the country in a very unusual and manhy typographical errors in the programmes plan books. There seem to be some divine interpretation in all these happenings as though John Mahama was already a rejected King who was just marking time to give way for a more anointed one in the person of H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa-Akuffo Addo. What seemed like a typographical error was more divine than we thought.

John Mahama seem to be associated with a lot of misfortune these days. Quite recently, he was in Kenya as an observer during the just ended elections. If Kenyatta had known he was staring at a big disappointment after the elections, he wouldn’t have invited Mahama to come close. Mahama seem to have cast his ill luck shadow on Uhuru. I bet you that, it would have been a different story if Mahama was not allowed to be an observer at all. He was same who said the elections were very free and fair and this was in the full glare of the whole world. Indeed, if his words were anything to go by, then what went wrong and what are we hearing now? Mahama has indeed “spoiled there” too. The name is like a bad omen now.

If Peter Mac Manu was allowed entry into Kenya, some good breeze would be blowing in the presidency now. Uhuru would have been at ease with himself as the legitimate winner because Mac Manu’s words would have been more credible, for example when stating that the elections were free and fair.

Run for cover when you see Mahama coming. Indeed Mahama is coming like “kakai”. He brings with him bad tidings and ill luck.It also seem what happened in Ghana in 2012 after he (Mahama) rigging the elections and also been declared as the legitimate president by the supreme court in Ghana after the elections petition by the then opposition party NPP is what has been repeated in Kenya the opposite way and also just as many Ghanaians expected to be done here. History indeed has a way of repeating itself.

Lessons must therefore be learnt. Observers of elections are not the definition of what becomes credible in an election. Indeed, John Mahama’s “Concave lens” couldn’t have detected any irregularities. Kenya has set the way for Africa. History have been made. Kenya must be celebrated.

David Kankam Boadu Writes