President John Mahama has never contested any flagbearership position in his entire life before.
MahamaHe only luckily became the Flagbearer of NDC after his predecessor, the late Prof. Evans Attah Mills died untimely.
May his soul rest in peace.

This is the very first time President Mahama has contested for that position and funny and cowardly enough, he contested against NO ONE but yet surprisely, his number of NO are speedily nearing to his number of YES to the extent that some of his NO had to be branded as REJECTED VOTES to atleast save him of the DISGRACE nearing his doorstep.

The shame that has befallen President Mahama is so great that, the National Organiser of the NDC, Mr. Kofi Adams out of emotions, angrily had no choice than to call all those who voted against President Mahama’s candidature as ILLITERATES and STUPID.

I believe with this happenings, if the NDC had allowed someone to contest President Mahama, I would have had no doubt that, the person would have given President Mahama a huge run for his money.

Did the NDC have a revelation that, the incompetence of Mahama would have made him lose if someone had contested him?

Was that the reason why they intentionally branded the only brave contender of President Mahama, George Boateng as a mad man?


Adiepena Mirekua Sarpong


Critical Thinkers Intl.


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