president mahama

President Mahama has explained that the decision to take a 10 percent salary cut is to prove to Ghanaians that he and his administration are ready to sacrifice.

The Finance Minister on Tuesday announced that the President, his Vice and Ministers of State have agreed to take a 10 percent salary cut to bring down the ballooning wage bill.

The move has however been described as populist and insignificant by the opposition NPP asking the President to rather cut down on the number Ministers.

However, addressing the people of Wa in the Upper West as part of his visit to the region, President Mahama said

?all of us have taken a 10% cut in our remuneration in order to show to the nation that we are willing to sacrifice along with you?.

?I have told my Ministers that we have to lead by example, we have to show the rest of the country that we are willing to make sacrifices? President Mahama said.


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