President John Dramani Mahama will address the Ghana economist summit on Tuesday October 29th 2013 at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra as part of a two-day international business leaders’ event.


The Ghana Summit will openly explore the risks and opportunities?tensions and compromises?that are facing this thriving African economy. It will bring together over 150 leaders from government, business and finance who are invested or otherwise interested in Ghana?s future.


Ghana is one of the fastest growing and most politically stable African countries. In this special opening keynote address by the President he will discuss how Ghana will take advantage of positive conditions and overcome further challenges to Ghana?s continued emergence as a growing economy.


Ghana?s economy has witnessed major changes in the last couple of years. GDP has more than doubled in four years from GHC 23billion in 2007 to GHC 59 billion in 2011. This has been aided by the oil production which took off in December 2010. Last year, oil contributed GHC 3.7 billion to the country?s GDP.


Despite the positive outlook for the Ghanaian economy, there are a number of critical challenges that could restrict growth and slow down the progress of poverty alleviation and development. While the economy has seen low and stable inflation, the cost of credit for small and medium size enterprises is still high.

Another challenge is infrastructure, including energy; President Mahama will therefore join innovators, thinkers and industry captains including Dr. George Ayittey, Founder, Free Africa Foundation; Hannah Tetteh, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration; Ozwald Boateng, Founder, Made in Africa; Andrew Clocanas, Executive Chairman, Construtora OAS; among others to address some of the challenges facing Ghana.

Major topics to be tackled at the Summit will include Ghana in the Global Economy; Playing a Part in Africa?s Century; Ghana and the Regional and International Environment; Ghana as a Leader in African Democracy; The Urban Environment of the Future Ghana and The Role of Business and Entrepreneurs in Fostering Growth and Change among other equally important subjects.


The two-day event, christened ?Turning potential into opportunity? will also focus on education as it is at the very heart of sustainable development and Ghana and Africa’s ability to educate their people to a sufficient level will be crucial to taking full advantage of the ‘demographic dividend’. Moreover, for many investors one of the biggest challenges is finding and retaining the right talent.



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