former President John Kufuor
former President John Kufuor

The office of former President John Kufuor has described the allegation of monopolizing corruption during his term of office as an outright lie adding that the ex-President is ?fed up? with his predecessor?s unending accusations.

Ex-President John Rawlings accused Mr. Kufuor of monopolizing corruption and using the security agencies to oppress persons who were unhappy with his corrupt act.

But responding to these allegations, the spokesperson for ex-President Kufuor on questioned the basis upon which Mr. Rawlings made such damning accusations.

?We are wondering where all these allegations from Mr. Rawlings are coming from and how he came to be the judge of all these things to put himself up as if everything with him is correct and everything about somebody else is wrong. Moreover, the things he is saying are not true,? Frank Agyekum said.

He stated that President Kufuor took cogent steps to curb corruption in the country and ?also brought in many anti-corruption laws.?

?The biggest lie of all is for him to say that some people from CIA came to warn President Kufuor that he was being so corrupt. That is not true, that is not true at all and I wonder where all these things are coming from because there is no truth in what he has said.?

Mr. Agyekum lamented over the constant accusations of President Rawlings against President Kufuor saying, ?we get a bit fed up with President Rawlings?and he?s been doing this ever since. As far as he is concerned, everybody else is corrupt but himself and perhaps his wife.?

Source ?Citifmonline


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