David Kankam Boadu, Aspiring National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party has come to the defense of the president after the president was subjected to heavy condemnation by the opposition and some members of his own party, the Npp for appointing his family members into keen positions.

Responding to questions pertaining to his assessment of the president’s performance seven months into office, Mr. Boadu quickly swayed to the defense of the president’s appointees saying, “There is nothing wrong with the president appointing his family members; those who chastise the president for his appointments lacks a logical bases in making such claims. What is fundamental is whether or not he is on course to deliver the mandate bestowed on him.

“In other jurisdictions such as United Kingdom for instance, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were more than brothers before they won elections, Blair became the Prime Minister and Golden Brown in charge of Finance.

Again, we could talk of Bill Clinton and the wife, George, Bush and the father, Argentina former President’s wife took over and became president among others. However, what makes the presidents case unique is the pain, vilification and trauma he was subjected to before becoming president” he noted.

Mr. Boadu said, the president must be very fearful of people around him given accounts of previous experiences. It is therefore not news if the president appears to be appointing people whom he feels secure surround him to deliver his mandate be it, family members; provided they are well within the range of ensuring the realization of his agenda for the country.

According to him, those criticizing the president have themselves to blamed for acting in bad fate by subjecting the president to such a punishment before giving him the node to rule. “If I were to be the President for what he went through, I will hesitate to trust people around me and hence, cautious about who I appointment to what position.

Mr. Boadu admonished critics within the party to stop looking for their personal interest and rather throw their weight behind the president as he sets about to rescue the country from the

By Emmanuel Asieme Ayine