It is essential to be well prepared for an African safari trip especially if it is the tourist’s first time to any African safari. Such a trip is quite unlike the other types of holiday which may be more leisure and in a very different setting. An African safari is a special place where the wildlife is sighted up close safely in secured jeeps and vans. Hence, the proper preparations are necessary to ensure a great adventure holiday in an African safari. 


An African safari is found in Africa which is a large continent with many countries and lots of space for an African safari to thrive. The land of Africa is usually hot or wet due to its main dry and rainy seasons. The rains usually come in the months of April, May and November. This is when night tropical downpours are common with many pleasant sunny days during the day. 

Main attraction 

The main attraction of an African safari is the wildlife.

There are many types of wildlife that can be viewed in any African safari. Different safaris offer different types of wildlife viewing which is the reason for the many tourists enjoying one African safari after another. 

Many tourists want to compare the different wildlife in Kenya, Tanzania and Botswana. It is very exciting to view the different wildlife and exotic flora in each African safari at the different lands in Africa. Birds of hundreds of species will amaze the tourists on their uncountable numbers. 

An African safari is indeed a haven for the wildlife to roam, prey and breed freely without any worry of poaching and hunting as they are protected by the state authorities.

Each African safari is also a haven for animal lovers and avid bird watchers. 


The journey is usually quite long on any African safari trip as the safari is located some distance away from the airport, main towns and even some arranged places of stay. An African safari is also very large in size to allow the wildlife to roam around. Most of the African safari land is undeveloped to leave it natural for the wildlife. Hence, a lot of rough and bumpy terrain is found in an African safari which is best travelled using 4-wheel drives, jeeps or vans. However these safari vehicles are quite comfortable and safe with pop-up roofs and windows to allow wildlife viewing.

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