The premier betting which was brought to Ghana a year ago to motivate fantasies and foot games across the nation is set to celebrate its one existence in Ghana.

Premier Betting
Premier Betting

The company which has six branches in Accra has created over hundred of employment to the people of Ghana both employed and unemployed since it can be done as part time job in addition to their current jobs and situation.

The launch which will take place this Saturday to educate and promote its importance to the people through public lectures and music.

Premier Betting aims at providing awareness of the coming football season across Africa and the World.

The operational manager of premier betting Mr. Tony Hill in a press conference enumerated series of activities which will be aired and carried on the day of the celebration and it will include music and dance as it is the formal way of? bringing together to listen to the information concerning premier betting.

He said premier betting has come to enrich the people without any negative impact on the society since they are very responsible and strict concerning their rule and regulation of the game.

According to him, the business has received massive growth over the period of it existence in the country and currently are looking forward to expand it to other regions in the country.

He said they wre looking for more space to enlarge their business since they have hundred (100) operating machine working in both kiosks as well, and also looking forward to reach on mobile money with six month to reach to other people as well in other areas.

Mr. Tony Hill in as answering questions about the negative impact on the people especially the youth, said, premier betting has no any negative impact on the people? because it start fifty pesewas (50) and children under eighteen an din school uniforms are not allowed to part take in the premier betting.

The premier betting some times looses and gains at the same time depending on amount bet in that season.

He urged all to participate in the up coming football season to enriched themselves and also promote and create more passion as far as football is concern.


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