The Public Relations Officer of the Awutu Effutu Senya Mutual Health Insurance Scheme, Mr. Joseph Yaw Owusu-Kwarteng has advised pregnant women against double registration under the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

He also counseled prospective clients who have moved from their catchment areas to another region or district while serving the three months waiting period, not to re-register because it is against the requirement.

Mr. Owusu-Kwarteng was sensitizing more than 300 people, mostly pregnant women on the importance of the NHIS at separate meetings of some accredited health facilities in Winneba.

He said apart from making the work of the various entry units of District, Municipal and the Metropolitan Schemes difficult, double registration might create statistical problems in the schemes.

Mr. Owusu-Kwarteng said that the NHIS has really come to stay to provide credible healthcare services to the nation, and urged Ghanaians to do all they could to help sustain the policy.

He explained that the registration processes, which pregnant women go through during pregnancy period usually leads to the printing of their “Five Years” National NHIS Identification Cards.

Pregnant women who have duly registered with the NHIS therefore have no cause to fear as to whether they would be provided with the “Five Years” NHIS ID Card or not after successful delivery.

“All that such people have to do is to contact their mother schemes for their national NHIS ID cards after delivery or even earlier than that time, because majority of such cards are more often than not, printed and sent to their mother schemes for distribution to clients before the expectant women bring forth their children”, Mr. Owusu-Kwarteng added.

“We must all endeavor to strictly abide by the laws and rules governing the NHIS in the supreme interest of our own good health which constitute very important and undeniable factor for sustainable socio-economic development of the nation”, Owusu-Kwarteng further stated.

The PRO said that the NHIA and for that matter the Government is spending huge sums of money in settling the medical bills of Ghanaians who have registered with the policy. GNA


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