Prefos, a local electrical engineering and street bulbs assembling company at Adako-Jachie in the Ejsiu-Juaben Municipality, says quality is its watchword and denies having anything to do with sub-standard street bulbs fixed in parts of Kumasi.

Mrs. Millicent Asante, Production Administrator of the Company, said the said streets bulbs were imported by the Energy Ministry. They did not assemble these and that they were only contracted to carry out the installation.

This comes amid growing public concern about the quality of the 150 LED street bulbs. Mrs. Asante told journalists in Kumasi that the company was on July 2016, awarded a contract to replace over 4,000 250 watts HPS bulbs in some principal streets in the city with the 150 watts LED bulbs.

Additionally, it was to erect 1,800 lampposts, fixed with LED bulbs. The company has so far installed about 3,918 bulbs, representing 89.70 per cent of the job.

Some of the bulbs have already started to malfunction and this has given the residents cause to complain. Mrs. Asante indicated that Prefos, had over the years been contracted to assemble and install its own LED street bulbs at the Kotoka International Airport, Bole, Bupei, Berekum and other towns and these had been functioning without problems.

She said the rationale behind the establishment of the assembling plant was to ensure that quality components from world renowned electrical companies were brought and assembled into more durable bulbs – bulbs with longer lifespan.

Mr. Frank Agyeman, the Accounts Manager, said the company would not do anything to hurt its image.