Dell Vostro belongs to the league of modern generation laptops with all the advanced features and technical specifications. This is among the best laptops used by both professionals as well as home users around the world. Features like convenient portability, long battery life and powerful Intel Core Two Duo processor make it favorite among all classes of users. Despite its sturdy body and attractive design, it may develop common computer related issues. You may need to format your Dell Vostro laptop if its operating system (OS) becomes corrupt or faces problems like virus infection, system errors, frequent system crash or if it is running miserably slow.

While formatting your Dell Vostro laptop you need to format your hard drive and re-install the OS. Formatting is considered one of the most effective ways of increasing your system’s efficiency and speed.

It is a quick fix way of getting rid of virus infection that is not being detected through scanning and it is continuously affecting system performance. OS installation is a tricky process that needs certain level of technical diligence to counter the issues that might crop up during the process.

Below mentioned are some of the precautions you need to take while formatting the Dell Vostro laptop:

Take proper data backup

It is not surprising if you lose vital data stored on hard drive after formatting your Dell Vostro laptop. So ensure that you have taken the backup of the entire data stored on the drive. You may store data on an external drive temporarily and restore the same after the formatting is complete.

This way you can minimize the chances of data loss. Apart from the data stored on the hard drive you also need to take backup of data stored on desktop and ‘My Documents’ before you begin formatting your laptop.

Take backup of the existing OS and other programs

You should retain a copy of the existing OS before formatting, as you may require it later. Moreover, don’t forget to take backup of the device driver and other important software before formatting your laptop. Product keys of antivirus software and other important software should also be stored on a safe location so that you can re-install them after you complete the formatting of your Dell Vostro laptop.

Delete the existing OS entirely

Ensure that the existing OS has been entirely deleted because they are expected to cause compatibility issues with the newly installed OS. It becomes important specially when you re-install the OS or upgrade the existing one. Any file belonging to the previous OS can cause software conflict leading to system crash and other issues. To run the newly installed OS on your laptop, the system should be entirely free from the remnants of the previous OS.

As discussed above formatting your Dell Vostro laptop is a tricky task that needs a certain level of technical knowledge. Even after using the tips mentioned above, you may land up in a sticky situation where you might require tech support to resolve it. Avail quick and efficient computer support service from experienced and certified technicians by calling an online tech support service provider.

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