The President of the African Development Bank (AfDB) said the phenomenon known as the curse of oil not pre-ordained. This is the case where the majority of citizens live in poverty because of the oil States of the oil revenue plans.

Dr. Donald Kaberuka was answering to questions of journalists about the State and development of Ghana’s oil future headquarters in Tunis, Tunisia Wednesday 3 June 2012.

He said oil, African countries can make the right choices and avoid the curse.

“Ghana was beautiful, the country became a middle-income without oil, prevent mistakes, because these errors are known,” he said.

He also said the country choose to use the oil revenue to create a window of opportunity to people or choose to build what he describes “white elephants” and “increasing the salaries of the staff.”

He noted the Bank is in contact with the Government of Ghana and with other countries, when they try to help the Government decide the correct decisions with oil revenues.

Ghana commercial quantities of oil were found in 2007 and began commercial production in December 2010.

By Emmanuel k. Dogbevi, Tunis, Tunisia

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