All eyes on judiciary

As Pratt Questions rationale For ‘Genocide MP’ Bail On Medical Grounds without Medical Report

Mr Kwesi Pratt has said that the only way out of the dangerous situation this country finds itself in now as a result of hate speech and genocidal war comments, is for the law to be applied to the letter irrespective of who is involved. According to him, there cannot be any room for political tribal bigots to derail the peace and stability of this country just because they want to capture political power by any means possible.

Mr Pratt, who is the managing editor of the Insight, was speaking at a forum organised by the Forum for Governance & Justice (FGJ) at the International Conference Centre in Accra on Tuesday.

Mr Pratt used the occasion to question the rationale behind the granting of bail to New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) Kennedy Agyapong by a high court judge last week on medical grounds among others when, according to him, there was no medical report to support the health claims by the accused person.
Mr Pratt said it was worthless, the call by some on civil society and religious organisations like the Christian Council of Ghana (CCG) and the Ghana Bar Association (GBA) to comment on Kennedy Agyapong’s nation-wrecking conduct. He said over the years, groups such as the GBA have shown their political biases and that it was a waste of time for anybody to expect them to live up to expectation this time. He said all citizens of Ghana have equal responsibility to speak against the ills of the society.

According to Mr Pratt, the attitude of persons like Kennedy Agyapong has a history. He said this attitude is indicative of the political strategy of the Danquah-Busia political group, and dates back several decades, since the rule of Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah and the Convention People’s Party (CPP).
He pointed out that NPP’s political tradition uses as its main political weapon the whipping up of tribal sentiments and divisiveness and violence, including bomb throwing. He said the ‘mate mehu’ people indulge in the despicable conduct any time they find themselves in opposition, and that they do this not because the government in power is not performing.
According to him, NPP’s political tradition uses such violent methods in opposition just because it wants to grab political power by any means possible.
Mr Pratt however said for this country to continue to enjoy peace and stability, the judiciary has a major role to play, and it is important that the law is applied in fairness to everyone.

Source: The Catalyst


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