A leading member of the Committee for Joint Action (CJA), Kwesi Pratt Junior has commended President John Dramani Mahama?s handling of the dynamics of petroleum pricing in Ghana, saying there was a ?world of difference? between what is happening under the current Government and that of the erstwhile Kufuor administration.

Kwesi Pratt who was speaking to journalists at a press conference organised by the CJA was reacting to calls from the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) on the need for the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) to further reduce prices of petroleum products. The NPA recently reduced the price of petroleum products by 10% following a barrage of pressure from the NPP and some civil society groups, on the back of plummeting price of crude on the world market.

?Don?t let us be deceived by political propaganda. Look at the real fact and if you look at the real fact, what happened under the Kufour administration with regards to petroleum price increases was terrible.

?The facts speak for themselves: the fact is that on one occasion [there was an] increase [in] petroleum prices by more than 90%. That is the fact. The rate of increase, the number of times the increases occurred?? he remarked.

The NPP have argued that the 10% reduction of fuel prices was not enough as they accused the government of mismanagement.

But Kwasi Pratt questioned the integrity of that argument.

?Under the NPP when there were price reductions on crude oil they told us that they are using the windfall profits to service the TOR debt.?

?Ask Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu what he did, when his party was in power and implementing the same policy which today he is condemning. What did he do? Where was he when the NPP was increasing fuel prices? Did he ever raise a finger when the NPP was refusing to reduce fuel prices??



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