The family members of OSU-WEM, the custodians of Prampram-Dawhenya land in the Dangme West District of the Greater Accra Region, have welcomed the decision by the ?ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament (MP) for the Ningo-Prampram, ?Constituency?Hon. Emmanuel Teye Mensah, and former First Lady, Mrs. Ernestina Naadu Mills to drag them to law court for accusing them of?conniving with ?the Borbornyo family of Prampram, another rival claimant to the land in the area to allegedly loot their 8522.696 acres of land located at Oshiokpo at Dawhenya Hill.

a parcel of the developed land
a parcel of the developed land

?We?the?head of the Prampram Traditional Council and Flag-bearer of Prampram Royal Stool are fully ready to face??E.T. Mensah and? Mrs. Ernestina Naadu Mills who ?connived with Borbornyo family of Prampram and managed to grab ?a portion of 33 and 10 acres of their lands respectively and re-registered belonging to the ?family of Osu Wem of Ablade in court to reclaim our lands?, they noted.

?Aside that, the family of OSU WEM who doubles as the?head of the Prampram Traditional Council pointed accusing figures at Mr. E. T. Mensah?who is also the Minister of Works, Water Resources and Housings for meddling in chieftaincy disputes in the area.
Speaking in an interview, a leading member of OSU-WEM family of Prampram, Mrs. Agnes Nortey Sai labeled Mr. E. T Mensah as a non-performing asset whose continuous stay in office would deteriorate their plights and on the leadership of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) to immediately change Mr. E.T Mensah else the party may lose its parliamentary seat in Ningo Prampram constituency.

Mrs. Agnes Nortey Sai who was ?the Ex-police woman? therefore accused E.T. Mensah and Mrs. Naadu Mills for allegedly using their political positions to instrumentally support the Borbornyo family of Prampram to claim the aforementioned portion of land from Osu-Wem ?Ablade family, which she said, Osu-Wem family, through their late grand-father Nortey Anaimle, were first settlers of the land since 1426.

She fumed that the family of?OSU WEM?over heard that E.T Mensah and Mrs. Naadu Mills who grabbed portion of their land are threatening to drag them to court, stressing that they are fully ready to face Mr. E.T Mensah and Mrs. Naadu Mills in the law court.

Flanked by the elders of Osu-Wem family, Mrs. Nortey noted that E.T. Mensah and Mrs. Naadu Mills in connivance with the Borbornyo family, which was latter settlers on the land in 1872 managed to grab a portion of 33 and 10 acres of their land respectively.

The police woman related that a couple of years ago, E.T. Mensah who was not a prudent seller of Prampram-Dawhenye lands, illegally sold a parcel of land located at Costal point of Prampram to a foreign national and collected a black Jaguar car and some undisclosed dollar amount from the Whiteman.

?I was one day in my house when Omaklalo of Prampram, Astuare Denca came to me with the land documents for me to endorse for him stating that E.T. Mensah used that portion of aforementioned land at Costal point of Prampram in exchange for a black Jargua Saloon car and some dollars from the Whiteman which I refused to sign based on the grounds that E.T Mensah did not hail from Osu-Wem family? so as a result of my objection to the endorsement of the land documents from Astuare Denca, E.T. Mensah on numerous occasions at durbars and meetings at Prampram threatened to take my life by hook or by crook?, Mrs. Nortey told the media.

The visibly irate Agnes Nortey Sai on behalf of OSU WEM family displayed pictures of their 33 and 10 acres of land Mr. E.T Mensah and Mrs. Naadu have allegedly stolen for which they started developing.

Mrs. Agnes Nortey Sai also alleged that Mr. E.T Mensah has abused his office by fronting for one Diana Odonkor to become ?Se Nye? to wit stool mother for the Osu-Wem family.

She pointed out that the minister is also alleged to have used his contacts and connections in government to impose an alien on the Ablawakor royal family as their stool mother or (Se Nye).

She also alleged said E.T Mensah used his MP Common Fund on his girlfriend, Lorinda Tony a foreign national, who he snatched from her husband. The lady, she alleged, is using the money to lend out to people at ?500 with an interest of ?150.00.

However, in a fact finding mission at Ningo-Prampram recently, E.T Mensah?s name has become a household name for all the residents in the area of the alleged roles he has been playing in the land disputes and undermining the NDC party faithful in the constituency.






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