We have invited you here today to express the voice of the people of Ningo-Prampram and more especially the concern of Prampram Traditional Area.
It is a duty and a responsibility for every elected President to ensure peace within the nation right from every Electoral Area through to the national level.
This sole duty also calls on the President to protect and safeguard the independence, unity and territorial integrity of Ghana and shall seek the well being of all her citizens as stated clearly in the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana Article 35(2) and (3) that the state shall promote JUST and REASONABLE access by all citizens to public facilities and services in accordance with the law. It is therefore a duty for the President to share the National Cake through access and services equally to every Ghanaian at all level.
We therefore disagree with the president on his nomination of a District Chief Executive from Ningo Traditional Area this time again instead of Prampram Traditional Area.

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, we the people of the Prampram Traditional Area do not agree with the decision of the president of the Republic of Ghana in nominating Jonathan Doku from the Ningo Traditional area as the District Chief Executive Officer for the Ningo Prampram District Assembly.

We are all aware that in the past because Ningo Prampram constitutes two traditional areas, there is a convention that, the MP and the DCE are not supposed to come from the same traditional area and it has been accepted and done in same manner till date.

When Ningo Prampram used to be under the Dangme West District, the procedure was same, we had Hon. Seth Kpabitey from Shai Osudoku, Hon Agban also from the Osudoku, Hon. Seth Mensah Ningo – Prampram, Hon. Michael Adjoweh from Shai, and Hon Lartey Shai Osudoku.

After the separation in 2012, Hon Seth Appeynarh from Ningo was made the DCE as the sitting MP was from Prampram and he was later succeeded by Hon. Alhaji Sarack Nartey also from Ningo.
So why are they trying to reverse the trend to disturb the peace of the District.

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, we have people with better orientation, humanities and good leadership skills who have held public offices before, and belongs to the NPP fraternity in the Prampram traditional area who are capable of supporting government achieve its objectives in collaboration with the traditional authorities.

We have a grounded conviction that the ethnic card linking the nominee with the top echelon of power, in collaboration with old and new politicians who have lost touch with the people because of their insatiable selfish ambitions is at work.

Ladies and gentlemen of the press below are some of the reasons why we the people of Prampram think that this young man does not merit the appointment of a DCE.

The position of a DCE requires someone with good education experience and matured orientation to provide leadership in knitting the people together for development and prosperity.
In contrast, the nominee has a history of pride and disrespect for authority.

It is on record that he led some notorious youth from the Ningo Township to demonstrate against the setting of the district Assembly when it came into existence.

He also instigated the people of Ningo Township not to pay tolls to the district assembly, masterminded the burning down of toll booths, and mounted road blocks to disturb the peace and businesses of the people.
As I speak to you now the people from the Ningo traditional area have refused to pay levies such as property rate, car parking fees, daily tolls etc. to the district.
This same young man mobilized some youth to prevent people from the Ningo traditional area to attend the inauguration of the district assembly. However the few people who made their way to grace the inauguration were heckled and manhandled by this young man and his thugs.

Ladies and gentlemen, it will surprise you to hear that, we have three area councils offices in the district situated at the following areas; Dawa, Old Ningo and Prampram. So far only two are functioning simply because this same young man who is now vying for the DCE portfolio used his powers to lock up the Ningo office that nobody step there for mobilization. As we sit here now, revenue collectors have been barred from going to Ningo for the collection of any revenue because he prevented them from paying revenues to the district assembly. Ladies and gentlemen of the press the question is, how revenues can be mobilized from Prampram and its environs to refurbish the district office for such a recalcitrant person to come and enjoy, NO an Emphatic NO.

The said nominee for the DCE has demonstrated unacceptable and misleading behavior and therefore not fit for the position of being a DCE.

I refer to a news item carried by the Ghana news agency on Saturday 12th November, 2011.
“Ningo-Prampram elevated to district status” Tema, Nov. 11, GNA
The chiefs and people of the Prampram Traditional Council have expressed appreciation to the Government for elevating Ningo-Prampram into a district with the capital at Prampram.

However, some irate youth from the area are protesting against the move indicating that Ningo had over the years been deprived of infrastructural development, hence the need to be made the district capital.
They claimed Ningo was in existence before the people of Prampram.
Nene Tetteh Djan III, who doubles as the Paramount Chief of Prampram Traditional Area and the Vice President of the Greater-Accra Regional House of Chiefs, however rebuffed the claims of the Ningo youth.

He stated that Prampram used to be the district capital for Ningo including Prampram and Kpone during the colonial days.

He said facilities such as the District Offices of the Ghana Police Service, Ghana Water Company Limited, Electricity Company of Ghana, banks, universities and other recreational centers in Prampram qualify it to be made the district capital.
Nene Djan explained that a couple of letters had been sent to the Ningo Traditional Council inviting them to discuss the way forward, but they had refused.”

We hold the office of the President in high esteem but we totally disagree with His nomination.
How can someone who had instigated people to dishonor traditional authorities and government machinery made to oversee same.

The conventional arrangements must be made to work because it has promoted peace and tranquility among the people.
In our presentation all that we are appealing for is very simple, that is we want the District Chief Executive for Ningo Prampram District Assembly to be appointed from the Prampram Traditional Area since the Member of Parliament; Hon. Samuel Nartey George is a native of Ningo Traditional Area.
We want to thank the President and the Minister in charge of Local Government His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo and Hajia Alima Mahama respectively in anticipation of a response to our petition.
We are very grateful to you all,

Thank you.

Mr. Eugene Charway
{President} 0507077527

Mr. Jonathan Djagmah
{Secretary} 0266675120

Mr. Stephen Ofei
{Organizer} 0246396122