There are a number of articles flooded with tips and suggestions on getting cheap air tickets or best holiday deals from service providers. Simply put, there are far more tips and suggestion than what you can utilize. And, if you do go on implementing all of these, right from the stage of planning of travel to the last minute wait for the best deal, then you might lose the flight. So, it is best to approach in a more practical way and take notice of some vital points of flight booking.

Plan your travel neither too early, nor too late: People generally say that doing flight booking early is the best way to get cheap air tickets. This is not completely true. While airline has all or many vacant seats if you book early, it might not offer the best rates. The reason is that airlines might not be in a position to determine that exact nature of seats occupancy at later dates, even if it has a history of maintaining good seat factor during that period and on that sector. It is only when time passes by and seat bookings begin to happen that it is in a better position to determine occupancy levels before the flights.

Booking too late is also not suggested because the airlines, even  if it does not carry all seats occupied, might not give you the cheapest flight booking rates because if it does, customers would always be tempted to do flight booking of air tickets at the last moment.

So, it is better to book air tickets 10-15 days before the flight.

Negotiate: Travel agencies and airlines both facilitate online flight booking. Being online does not mean that you can not call their call centers and negotiate rates. Especially, when you have to take multiple travel products from agencies or airlines, there is a good chance of getting the best rates from them by doing negotiations rather than mutely doing online flight booking straightaway.Take advantage of rewards and benefits: Always keep an eye on extra miles have been earned. If you have ready travel plans then redemption of these miles can be timed to deliver cheap air tickets for the journey which is likely to be most expensive. At times, even upgrading to the upper class without incurring extra costs can make your travel really comfortable. If there are some things which you have thought of buying for self or family use, then using the redemption points for buying for any member of family or other contact could be a good way to save money.Avoid fuel surcharge: Fuel surcharge can be a significant sum for travelers. Savings on these charges could be done by finding out if there is any partner airline of your favorite carrier (on which you have earned the reward points) which does not levy the fuel surcharge. If there is a partner airline which does not charge you for the surcharge then you can use rewards ticket from your carrier to travel with the partner airline.

These are some of the more practical and reasonable steps which can be taken for getting the cheap air tickets or low budget travel deals from the airlines or the travel agencies.

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