What do you usually do when you find out that you cannot open a single file or even your anti-virus software cannot be opened? There is just but one thing automatically pops out of your mind, there’s a virus or a malware somewhere in there that is disabling your computer’s function.

What do you have to do to get your computer back into its normal function? You don’t need to panic or get frustrated over it, you don’t need to reformat your computer if you have most of your important files saved in any of the drives. You can use the advance way of removing computer viruses or malware. All you need to do is restart your computer and open it in Safe Mode setting. Many computer viruses usually store files in your computer’s Windows registry folder. This is the folder which acts as a database of instructions and tell your Operating System information about all of the programs you have on your computer.

It can tell malware or viruses to activate as  soon as the Operating system loads, once your computer is infected with such viruses it will be difficult for you to work on your computer’s normal functions.

It is therefore only through the Safe Mode setting that you’ll be able to work with your machine using only the core elements of Windows OS. In Safe Mode, you can try running your anti-virus software, once you see new malware pop up, you have found the cause of the problem. Some of these malware or viruses exist only to download other types of viruses and install them automatically on your computer. Once you find and remove these applications, your computer will be back in shape in no time at all.

However, if you think this is quite difficult for you to do and you’re a bit skeptical of what might happen if you would dare to try this kind of method, there is one effective way to ensure that you keep your machine safe and secured from all sorts of online threats and attacks.

It would be best to acquire the services of the most efficient online security services that the web has to offer today. Any of the best VPN service providers could guarantee not only your online security but your computer’s protection from all kinds of threats and attacks of on the web. With the help of these best online security service provider, all your worries about all forms of online threats can be laid to rest. What is good about these kind of online security services is that it gives you the ability to stay hidden and protected from the prying eyes that are all over the web.

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