International student advisors at IESC can only answer general questions about the status of permanent resident. International Graduate students are advised to contact the West “Community legal services to the residence program and documentation for help.While studying here in Canada, you may be interested in applying to become a permanent resident (also known as a landed immigrant). There are several different ways. You will need to decide which immigration program will be best for you and your family.As a Singapore permanent resident, you will have the privilege of freedom of movement and from Singapore and not reapply for a visa to work every time you change employer. Also, you are free to invest in a safe state subsidized admission to educational institutions and to gain financial benefits for the employer contributions to pension funds (CPF). In addition, you can also use your Singapore permanent resident spouse, children and parents.The following are suitable for Singapore Permanent Resident VisaForeign professionals who hold Personal Employment Pass Employment Pass, EntrePass, S-PassThe spouse and unmarried children (under   years of age), holders of a permanent resident of Singapore / Singapore citizensSingapore citizen aged parentsForeign investors and entrepreneurs who want to invest $      million, Singapore with solid business backgroundForeign investors wishing to invest $   million in Singapore, with    million dollars in net assetsBelow is a permanent resident of the Skilled Migration List of required documents:The completed form 4A (1 copy with original signature)2 passport photos with each of the following formatsThe current employer information (Appendix) duly completedCLEAR an applicant’s passport data and (or) a copy of bio data pages with at least     months validityTo learn more about the survivors of the visa fee and required documents, please contact us!Skilled Independent visa is a permanent work visa for holders of qualifications and skills needed to fill labor shortages in Australia.Skilled Independent visa applicants must obtain at least    points above the rating. The rating is that applicants must be younger than 50 years of age and able to demonstrate that they have a professional qualification and / or skills in a skilled occupation list (SOL) occupation. Sk

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