wpid-ppplogo.jpgThe Progressive People?s Party (PPP) said, it is deeply disturbed and dismayed at the shameless rape of the State coffers and the blatant display of incompetence or deliberate connivance on the part of government and Honourable Ministers of State in the ongoing public discussion about the activities of the GYEEDA and beneficiary companies.

“We gather from the ongoing public discussions that the Mahama Administration has entered into agreements with companies which have possible connections with government under the pretext of providing jobs for the large army of unemployed youth. We do not have any problems with any administration developing programmes to arm the unemployed with work experience.? But the revelations are so disturbing to the extent that the PPP is compelled to suspect that the new modules under the GYEEDA programme were set up to divert funds from the State to individual pockets, fund the political campaign of the NDC and perpetuate the corrupt-cycle.”

According to PPP, The high level of payment to these GYEEDA-beneficiary companies including AGAMS and JOSPONG Groups of Companies without due diligence explains the astronomical budget deficit recorded in 2012. The budget deficit resulting from the Social Protection/Intervention programmes alone amounted to over Ghc1billion, adding that this exposes and debunks the government?s position that the deficit was as a result of the payment of the Single Spine Salary Scheme. The PPP has always maintained that the NDC government abused incumbency by spending State resource to ?buy votes? in the 2012 presidential elections.

“The reckless expenditure by government under the Social Protection Programmes has compelled the Minister of Finance, Mr. Seth Terkper to initiate certain measures that will cause a shrink in the Ghanaian economy. The Minister has announced the suspension of the award of new contracts. The effect of this initiative is to reduce the capacity of construction companies to employ able bodied-persons to undertake constructions works thereby worsening the unemployment situation. The second measure announced by the Minister is the introduction of a ?development levy? that seeks to raise additional funds from the same segment of the private sector always attacked by governments to shore-up revenue.? The Minister also proposes to raise import tariffs.”

“The question is why should a small segment of the private companies be taxed to pay for government?s reckless and imprudent expenditures? This will in no small measure affect the cost of business in the country. ?Already, the Private Enterprise Foundation (PEF) has sounded alarm over this.? Whatever happened to ??expanding the tax net??

PPP said, The Minister of Sports? promise to establish a committee to investigate the GYEEDA scandal is needless because nothing better would come out of it.? Government has colluded with private companies to dupe the people of Ghana of her scarce resource. The only option is for the government to terminate these contracts to save itself from further ridicule and embarrassment, believing that?the time has come for the Security and Intelligence Agencies such as the BNI to act proactively to prevent these economic losses to the State. Because this clearly is a case of someone signing a bad contract that is against the interest of the Republic of Ghana.

“The BNI is mandated under the Security and Intelligence Agencies Act 526 (1996) to ?safeguard the economic well-being of the State against threats posed by the acts or omissions of persons or organizations both inside and outside the country?. In this case we believe the BNI should cause the immediate arrest for questioning all persons associated with signing of these dubious contracts.”


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