All is set for the Progressive People?s Party (PPP) to compete vigorously to win the Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abbrem (KEEA) seat, after a gigantic presidential and parliamentary campaign launch at Elmina over the weekend.

Dr. Nduom introducing, Mrs. Doreen Manielson, the PPP parliamentary aspirant for KEEA to the crowd
Dr. Nduom introducing, Mrs. Doreen Manielson, the PPP parliamentary aspirant for KEEA to the crowd

Thousands of indigenes of Edina dressed in PPP apparels processed through the principal streets of Elmina in the torrential rain that began early on the day.

The enthusiastic crowd who were mostly the youth described the rainfall that preceded the launch as divine- ?the rain is a sign of victory, when the PPP launched its national campaign in Elmina it rained and it has repeated same today, we are going to win this election Insha Allah,? Kofi Atobraa said.

It was indeed a spectacular scene as the PPP supporters danced to brass-band music of local tunes like Yesu ka Me hu ? God With Us, Nduom Be ye ? Nduom will do it and many more.

?We are indeed excited, we are going to vote the NDC out this election, after all we gave the candidate to prove to us what he can do for us, we are not too sure of him, this is the time for change?

Addressing the crowd, the PPP parliamentary aspirant for KEEA, Mrs. Doreen Manielson, said the fishermen and people of Edina have being taken for granted for a very long time, the promise of a landed beach has remained a dream, ?Why should my fishermen be fooled all time, the deception must stop and the PPP is poised to provide to the people the landing beach, we live here and we understand our problems so we will solve them?

She promised women especially those engaged in fish smoking thatthe issues to do with financial support for their business should be a thing of the past if they rally behind her, she is ready to go parliament to advocate for women and children, ?afi dze nyen bayinfo be gye bosua wo hen ho to wit henceforth our men will borrow money from us?.

Dr. Nduom excited the crowd the more with his presence and his song ?Yesu ka me ho? to wit ?God is with me? before raising the hand of the parliamentary candidate of KEEA for approval from the people.

The people cannot waste four more years under a Mills administration; a government made up of failed promises, hypocrisy, administrative incompetence, corruption and economic hardship which stare most Ghanaians squarely in the face.

He said the NDC administration has made living standards of the people terrible bad, worsened economic conditions and recorded unprecedented mass failures in education.? The Youth want jobs that were promised.? He said the NDC has failed to produce a plan to eliminate corruption, cronyism, and winner takes all from our national politics.

Investments in education are not well ordered and prioritised so as to liberate the total population from poverty. Quality education hit all-time low and in 2010 with 46% of students presented for the Basic School Exams failing, subsequently in 2011, 54% of the students presented for the same exams failed.? So what has happened to our education as nobody wants to say a word about this problem.? There is seriously lack of space in our secondary schools because about 50% of those who gain entry in the SHS are unable to be housed and the value we have placed on vocational and technical education has made them a non-attractive area for these children. What harm do we want to do to ourselves as a nation? The state of the Public school system is nothing to write home about, the welfare and working conditions of Teachers are appalling and do not in any way measure up to their so-called ?Nation Builder? accolade.

He said a PPP administration will also make fishing a top priority and ensure that the country attain self-sufficiency in food production.

Dr. Nduom, who is popularly known as ?Edwumawura,? an indigene of the town said there is no reason why the people of KEEA should be poor; the constituency has resources and its people are very hard working,, what they need is a leader who can empower them.

According to him, what KEEA needs is the missing ingredient ? a proper and visionary leadership like the kind the PPP is offering ? to be able to transform its vast resources for development.

He advised the people that as their party colours indicate, members of the PPP would ensure a clean campaign devoid of the politics of insults?our politics would be pure and clean as the white in our flag but with a sense of urgency to eradicate the country from the poverty that is sinking us?,? he told the teeming crowd

He appealed to the people to help make the dream of the PPP a reality by voting for the party in the December polls.

Dr. Nduom was of the opinion that ?the NDC and the NPP had done their part in the fourth republic and the time for change was now?a change that would bring the PPP to power to implement fully what the NDC and the NPP has failed to deliver in this fourth republic.?

Meanwhile parliamentary aspirants of the PPP in the Central and Western Region on Saturday were oriented on the party?s new campaign strategy to win more seats in the regions.

The meeting offered the party the opportunity to discuss and review its strategy for the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.

It centered on the message, the delivery and magnetism the party is enjoying currently.

These strategies were shared among parliamentary aspirants in the presence of the Director of Operations of the party, Nana Ofori Owusu, the wife of the flag bearer, Mrs. Yvonne Nduom and the 2nd National Vice-Person, Mrs. Mary Ankomah Boakye-Boateng.

The PPP believes that to be able to hold a balance of power in Parliament, the party must be prepared with the best strategy that will appeal to the electorate to give the PPP the votes required.

It is against this background that thePPP is competing in all the 19 constituencies in the Central Region and is poised to win over 10 seats in the region.

Addressing the parliamentary aspirants, the flag bearer of the party, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, urged the aspirants to work for victory in the December polls.

?The polling station work is very important for the party; if the party can win this year?s election, what remains key is the completion of the polling station organization.?

He said the electorate should be made to understand that the 2012 elections is a crucial one that can transform the lives of the masses.

?Let Ghanaians understand that they should not waste their votes on those who have disappointed them in the 4th Republic but vote massively for the PPP.?

?The PPP strategy of empowering the 21 polling station executives with the right message of Free Compulsory Continuous Quality education, jobs, health care and incorruptible leadership and competence should do the trick for the party.?

He reiterated that the NDC and NPP cliffhanger approach to discourage electorate against the PPP with a message that PPP is not a party with numerical advantage should be challenged with impunity since the party is in this election with a strategy that is working.

?Ghanaians are indeed tired of the NPP and the NDC and are looking for a credible alternative, they want to try the PPP but are on the fringes, we have to work hard and spread our message of hope so we get their votes.?

Dr. Nduom cautioned that the electorate are getting confused with the PPP symbol of red bright risen sun to that of the red cockerel because of his candidature in 2008 for that party.

He went on to advise the party?s parliamentary aspirants to continue the education on the PPP?s symbol till the last day of the election so that the party does not lose votes to any competitor.

The party also held its parliamentary primary at the Ablekuma South constituency which primary was won by Amasa Quartey.



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