A parliamentary aspirant of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) in Akropong constituency of the Eastern Region, Kwaku Fredua-Agyemang, has donated an amount of GH¢1,000.00 to the Akropong School for the Deaf.

The donation was in fulfillment of a pledge made to the school by the parliamentary aspirant who was attracted to the plight of the school after paying a visit to the school some weeks ago.

“It was not an appeal made to me by the school but I was touched by the plight of the students since I was informed on my last visit that the school had only GH¢100.00 in its coffers for the rest of the term,” he said.

The amount therefore was meant to cushion the School for the Deaf, which, in his view, needs more assistance from the general public.

“Our services are needed to repair the leaking ceilings, construct the road leading to the school, paint the buildings as well as build dormitories for the kids who sleep on the bare floor,” he told said.

Established 45 years ago, the Akropong School for the Deaf is home to about 364 disabled children who receive tuition from trained teachers to enable them to be functional members of society.

Various socially related courses are taught the students to increase their understanding of society and the world around them.

Despite its usefulness to Ghana, the school which falls in the same constituency as the School for the Blind has inadequate facilities to cater for the growing number of students in the school.

According to the headmistress of the school, Madam Regina Darkoa, who expressed appreciation to the gesture done the school by Mr. Fredua-Agyemang, facilities in the school are in poor condition and therefore appealed to the general public and the government for support.

“It is very pathetic that a classroom which was designed to contain 16 children now houses about 30-36 children; we also lack a school bus so students who are supposed to be taken on excursion to see what is being taught do not have the opportunity; so we are appealing to the government and other members of   the society to emulate what Mr. Fredua-Agyemang has done and come to our aid.”

Mr. Fredua-Agyemang responded by promising to organise ‘advocate strongly for the school’ to generate more funds for the school which he believes is serving a ‘useful purpose’.

According to him, he and other members of his political party in the constituency was attracted to the plight of the school upon noticing the cracks within buildings of the school and the poor nature of the road network in the school.

“At least, a communal labour can be organised to help the school, and we would lead the charge to restore hope to the children here.”

He also called on the general public to discard the notion that disability is an abomination as well stop the habit of dumping their wards into the school.

“I am dedicating myself to helping the school but want to caution the general public to desist from the habit of dumping their wards into the school and looking on unconcerned, after all the deaf and the dumb are all members of society which must be respected,” he said.


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