Hundreds of people lined up along the streets of Bole in the Northern Region last Monday to welcome the Nduom national campaign team to the region.

Not even the late arrival of Dr. Nduom and his team at 3:00 P.M., rather than the scheduled 12:00 Noon could cause the eager crowd to disperse.
Conspicuous among the crowd were the over 200 Nduom Volunteers, a special group set up to support the Nduom 2012 bid, persons who have taken it upon themselves to use innovative ways to canvass votes for the party.
The Nduom Volunteers came along with a large number of the fresh Progressive People’s Party (PPP) members they have registered in the course of their campaigning over the last several weeks.
Some tired market women who had just returned from the market also stormed the scene together with several opinion leaders.
Visibly present were vibrant youth who had just turned 18-years, eager to be catapulted into the PPP fray.
Remarkably, some passengers en route to Sawla, a neighbouring town, got off their vehicles to join the PPP rendezvous.
Dr. Nduom’s meeting with the town folk, originally scheduled to take just 30 minutes, eventually run for over an hour and half, since the residents made it their business to virtually hold the entourage hostage at the gathering.
Addressing the vociferous crowd at the lorry station, the PPP National Secretary, Kofi Asamoah-Siaw, told the people the party had plans to better their lot.
Dr. Nduom told the teeming crowd that the PPP is a different party that will not follow in the footsteps of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP).
He assured them that a PPP national administration would improve the infrastructure in the community and stressed his primary concern to build relevant educational infrastructure in the area.  He therefore urged all present to vote for the PPP during the 2012 elections.
The campaign team then moved to Wa, the Upper West Region capital.
Whiles there, Dr. Nduom paid a visit to the Wa Polytechnic campus where he addressed members of the Progressive Youth Movement (PYM,) the youth wing of the party.
Though Dr. Nduom got there around 8:00 P.M., the auditorium was filled to capacity with both PYM members and some members of the general student body.
Dr. Nduom charged the students to work assiduously to help the PPP win the upcoming elections.  That, he remarked, would enable them get the jobs they want and help erase the problem of unemployed graduates.
On Tuesday, Dr. Nduom continued to the Wa Lorry Park where he preached the PPP peace message to the people present.
The team then proceeded to Nadowli and Lawra where Dr. Nduom introduced the party’s parliamentary candidates for the various constituencies.
Dr. Nduom urged the residents to change their way of voting and give the PPP candidates a chance to represent them in parliament.


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