The Presidential Candidate of the PPP Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom on Thursday expressed the party’s great appreciation to its members and supporters in the Northern Region for their encouragement, enthusiasm and hard work. Accompanied by the Northern Region executives and Richmond Keelson, Campaign Advisor, Dr. Nduom visited several communities to tell them how he felt. He praised PPP youth for their discipline and told them they have made him proud and confident about the future of the PPP.

According to the regional executives, the PPP is poised to win six parliamentary seats and 25% of presidential votes in the region. They believe the PPP will become the party of choice in subsequent elections.
Dr. Nduom on his part promised to forge a partnership with communities that show confidence in him on December 7th. These communities will see developments they can feel including water, health and education projects. He said in four years, agro-processing factories will guarantee a market for yam, millet, groundnuts and rice farmers in the region.

The PPP Presidential campaign is in the Eastern Region today and will move to the Central and Western regions for the remaining days of the campaign.

Source: Frank Owusu-Ofori


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