Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom
Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom

The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) led by the National Chairman Mr. Nii Allotey Brew-Hammond and the Presidential Candidate Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom have pleaded with the chiefs and people of the Volta Region to give the party a chance by voting them into power in the 2012 elections.  The purpose of the tour has been to assess the biometric voters’ registration and make the case for Ghanaians to support and vote for the PPP as the Change Ghana Needs.


In the wake of the violence, anger and divisive behavior exhibited by the NDC and the NPP over the past month, many Ghanaians have expressed the willingness to vote for an alternative political party.  Many are afraid of what will happen in December if any one of the two parties somehow won the presidency. Ghanaians want to protect the peace and stability we have all sacrificed to establish.  The PPP’s objective is to make the case as the only viable, credible and best alternative to the NDC and NPP that is serious and gaining strength to be able to win elections.

Mr. Brew-Hammond introduced the party to the Royal Highness the King of the Anlo State, the chiefs of Aflao, Keta and Sogakope on Thursday May 3rd as part of the party’s maiden national tour.  The National Secretary, National Treasurer, Operations Director, Communications Director, National Committee members, regional executives and constituency executives and members were part of the tour.  The party’s symbol, the bright red sun and the colours, red and white were explained to the chiefs and people.  The bright red sun, was associated with being awake, strength, life, hard work, hope and prosperity.

Dr. Nduom pledged the PPP’s continued commitment to peace, discipline, respect for opponents and the principle of one nation and one people.  He advised PPP members and supporters to continue to be law-abiding, comport themselves during the biometric voters registration and treat all as brothers and sisters.  He declared that the PPP sees Ghanaians and not Akans, Dagombas or Ewes, or Ga people, etc.  He pledged that a PPP government will complete all projects started by previous administrations including the Customs and Immigration complex at Aflao started by the Acheampong regime.


Dr. Nduom forcefully made the point that the Volta region has fertile land, tremendous water bodies, mountains and hills that create a beautiful landscape, beaches and a great potential for the discovery of oil.  The asserted that the people from the region are hard working.  So to him, something has been missing that has left the region with such abundant resources poor.  Dr. Nduom pledged to bring the kind of leadership needed to develop the region.  So he asked them to try the PPP, give him a chance and see what happens in four years.
According to Dr. Nduom, the PPP has sworn to be disciplined and show respect to all Ghanaians including our political opponents. We have committed ourselves to forming a government that uses the best men and women without regard to religious, ethnic or political affiliation.  The PPP he said pledges to provide incorruptible leadership that will ensure the strengthening of state institutions to bring efficiency, increase revenues and eliminate corruption.  He asked the people of the Volta region to vote for a peace-loving, respectful, purposeful party.


In response, all the Chiefs including Togbe Sri III, Awomefia of Anlo, Togbe Amenya Fiti V, Paramount Chief of Aflao and Togbe James Ocloo V, Chief of Keta, encouraged Dr. Nduom and the PPP to continue to spread his message of hope, development and job creation.  They told him that the Volta region welcomes politicians who will not divide Ghanaians and who will respect the people.  They said the region is not for any political party and urged the PPP to work hard to sin their vote.  They wished the PPP and Dr. Nduom well and thanked him for according them the respect shown.



Richmond Keelson

Communications Director

4 May 2012


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