The GPP is an integration of different ICT platforms; Public Procurement Performance Measurement System (PPMS), the Tender Portal and the Register of Providers (ROP).

While speaking at the launch at Golf Course Hotel in Kampala, PPDA executive director Cornelia Sabiiti explained that the portal will cut down on the fatigue that users experienced navigating the three different systems.

She explained that the portal will also boost transparency in public procurement circles.

?We have to be open about procurements. As you can see, the ministry of finance shows that public what every government institution gets every year. The public should know what an entity is going to procure,?

?All the bid opportunities are going to be made public through the portal. People should know what contracts have been signed, and at what price,?

All procurement plans will be loaded onto the platform and PPDA will follow through the system and monitor value for money.

Francis Kisirinya, the director of finance at the Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) said the portal will encourage Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to do business with government.

?Some SMEs say that it is sometimes burdening for them to participate in public procurement, so they do not even bother participating in tendering. This portal will change the mindsets of these companies,? he said.

Kisirinya also said that the portal will encourage openness in public procurement.

?We will be happy to know how much of the budget Procuring and Disposing Entities are allocating to the private sector in Uganda.

It is fundament to the development of our local content.?

By Billy Rwothungeyo, The New Vision


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