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?Say; They Can?t Take Orders From Minister, As Eddie Annan Goes Ahead To Bring New Director

The problems with mismanagement, abuse of office and power, the wanton dissipation of the Korle-bu Teaching Hospital?s Internally Generated Fund (IGF) and corruption, coupled with illegal appointments to offices at the hospital by the Board Chairman Eddie Annan and cohorts on the Korle-bu Board have taken a new twist, with Dr Eddie Annan expressing serious ?negative? defiance to the Minister of Health (Hon Bagbin) order restraining them from taking such illegal decisions.


Eddie Annan
Eddie Annan

Dr. Eddie Annan, who can be said to have betrayed the trust late President Mills reposed in him when he was appointed onto the Korle-Bu Board to check on all the illegalities at the hospital as far as management is concern, has turned out to be in bed with the said ?cartel? not paying attention to the sector minister?s orders.

Mr Eddie Annan who has been playing hide-and-seek with salient issues bothering Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital has been caught in several illegalities ranging from awarding contracts to serving board members, appointing undeserved persons to positions.

According to checks at the hospital, he went ahead to team up with Afua Hesse who is now the Acting CEO and the immediate past CEO Prof. Otu Nartey to bring in a new Director of Administration even though the Ministry had written to them condemning any of such acts.

If readers would recall, The Moment has published series of stories on this Korle-Bu case, some of which included attempts by Eddie Annan and his cohorts to appoint a new director, by advertising the position, even though the position is being contended in Court.

The Ministry of Health however kicked against such a decision and hence made it clear to the board that, the advertisement placed for the director of administration myust be tailored to health services administrators.

Going ahead with their ill intent and in defiance, negatively as it seems, Eddie Annan authoritatively appoints and bring to office a new person.

In the heat of all the controversies, Eddie Annan and his supporters were indicted by the Ministry which wrote a letter restraining them from bringing in a new director of administration.

The ministry also sought to make its position clear on certain appointments made by Eddie Annan which are against laid down administrative and public service Acts.

According to the letter written and signed by the Chief Director of the Ministry Dr Sylvester Anemana for the Minister, he stated categorically that the Hospital Board led by Eddie Annan and the Chief Executive Officer have shown non-adherence to legal and administrative producers of the Public Service.

The letter made reference to a letter the Ministry received from the Board, dated 24th September, 2012 with heading ?Completion of Tenure of Office? saying that it is not compliant with Article 199 of the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana.

That letter was signed by Eddie Annan granting a Pro rata leave to Prof. Out Nartey during his retirement period.

But the Ministry which is the supervisory entity rubbishes the action by Eddie Annan, pointing out clearly that having been born on the 2nd December, 1952, Pro. Nii Otu Nartey?s compulsory retirement from the Public Service takes effect from 2nd December 2012.

It also stressed that the Constitution of the Republic takes precedence over any contract appointment made by the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital Board. ?Besides, a terminal leave is enjoyed before the date of compulsory retirement and not after, Prof. Nii Nartey?s name went off automatically from the mechanized payroll this December 2012. How are you going to pay him from December 2012 to May 2013? Is he to be paid from IGF? I believe the IGF can be better used for patient Care?? the letter stated.

Another illegality commited by Eddie Anna had to do with the appointment of one Mr. Godfred Ahianyo, a member of the Hospital?s Board, as chairman of the Board?s Three-member committee to audit various processes at the Directorates and Sub BMCs.

According to the Ministry this appointment is a ?clear case of conflict of interest.?

An investigation conducted which has been inveterated by the Ministry?s letter is that every Board or Council has approved allowances for Board Members and sub-Committee work, which Mr. Ahianyo should be entitled to.

However, per a letter of appointment signed by Eddie Annan appointing Godfred Ahianyo to that position, he is to be entitled to emoluments equivalent of a permanent staff of the hospital.

Godfred Ahianyo is, according to Eddie Annan, be entitled to a monthly allowance of GHc2, 900.00, a duty post vehicle, duty post accommodation, monthly telephone credit of GHc60,00,? and in addition enjoy any other facilities/benefits which are enjoyed by senior staff of the hospital.

All these anomalies have gone to establish the fact that the administrative support for the Board Chairman, Eddie Annan and management of the hospital is weak.

It is worthy of note that the legalities in administering the hospital has been pushed away whiles the now ?three member cartel,? is doing things its own way, not respecting the ministry.

In flexing their muscles at the Minister, Prof. Afua Hesse, Godfred Ahianyo and Nurudeen Mohammed popped three bottles of champaign at the office to signify their victory of appointing a new director, The Moment has learnt.

However, when some journalists caught up with Rev.? Botwe, a member of the Korle-Bu Board, he stressed the point that they as members of the board cannot take instruction from the Minister or the Chief Director of the Ministry.

According to him, they consider themselves at par with the Minister because they are all appointed by the President and hence the Minister has no authority over them.

Rev. Botwe who was flexing his muscles said, even though the Minister is a lawyer, he (Botwe) will educate him, stressing that the board is not ready to accept or respect any instruction from the Ministry and hence their action to bring in a new Director.

Some facts on the irregularities at Korle-Bu beign spearheaded by Eddie Annan:

Article 199 of the constitution of Ghana stipulates that every public officer must compulsorily?? retire at age 60 yrs.

-?????? Any decision by any individual or group of people that conflicts this provision is null and void. The decision of Korle Bu Board at its fortieth sitting on 19th September, 2012 to grant the CEO terminal leave effective 1st January, 2013 is void, since the CEO attained age 60 yrs in the early part of the 1st week in December, 2012.

-?????? The CEO can therefore not enjoy his illegal leave period granted him wrongfully by Eddie Annan to span between Jan ? May 2013.

-?????? All the documents he signed after his 60th birthday are all void and illegal and should be treated as such.

-?????? The CEO cannot work as a CEO even one day after his 60th birthday. His position must be advertised for a more law abiding and competent person to fill in for efficiency, But Eddie Annan refused to do so but rather appoint Adfua Hesse to take charge.

-?????? If the CEO is allowed to enjoy his terminal leave after his retirement date, the implication is that he will continue to receive his monthly salary and all the allowances therefore for 6 months. This is financial loss to the state. Is the Ghanaian tax payer ready to foot this bill to accrue out of illegality? This is fraudulent on the part of CEO and Eddie Anan- the Board Chairman.

-?????? In view of the terminal leave granted the CEO by the Board Chairman Eddie Annan illegally, the CEO was sill in office signing financial documents and recruitment documents committing the hospital and the government to honour and pay for. This activity is being done by him in collaboration with the Board Chairman at top speed notwithstanding the current transitional period, where there is a government directive that all previous government officials are to prepare their handing over notes. This is not acceptable and unlawful if not criminal.

-?????? The Board Chairman Eddie Annan by his action is condoning crime and should be removed and the board dissolved. He has not being able to live up to the task.

-?????? Handing over to Prof. Afua Hesse during this illegal terminal leave period is also unacceptable in view of the fact that she is to be responsible for 3 different full time positions. One as the Dir. of Medical Affairs, then as a CEO and also as an Associate Professor at the Medical School (Ministry of Higher Education).

-?????? She is to work 40 hrs each week on each of the positions. This is practically impossibility. The position of the CEO should be advertised immediately and filled in for efficiency. If the arrangement of Eddie Annan to let Prof. Hesse act as CEO for 5 to 6 months is accepted, efficiency will be greatly compromised and the health of patients toyed with.

-?????? Again, in case Prof. Hesse is allowed to act as CEO during the illegal terminal leave of the CEO, she will be paid acting allowances as CEO and other privileges associated to that position whilst the CEO, in his illegal terminal leave, will also be paid all his entitlements for the same position during the period. This is financial loss to the state and a great dis-service to the nation.


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