William Amuna who was speaking on Multi TV’s news analysis show The Pulse, hopes the current situation where power generation is meeting demands remains.


“We have not been shedding load at all throughout the country. Virtually all the generation plants are operational. We even have one unit which we are not running now in Tema but we still have adequate supply,” he said.

According to him, the country has enough light crude and gas to power the plants till March 2016, and added that enough provision has been made to meet the growing power demand.

He would not however say that load shedding has come to an end.

The GRIDCO CEO said that the load shedding which has bedeviled the nation over the past 4 years, has been suspended because power producers are now generating enough power to meet the nation’s demand.

Dr Kwabena Donkor’s promise

The Power minister Dr Kwabena Donkor who was saddled by the numerous calls for him to solve the ‘Dumsor’ situation or resign, promised to end the problem by the end of December and that he was prepared to resign if load shedding was still in place by January 2016.


However, With few weeks to the end of the year, the end of the four-year-old power crisis is no where near despite the promises by the power minister.

Meanwhile, many people believe that the current relief in the power situation in homes comes as result of industries which consume high levels of power breaking for the festive season.

But, the question many people ask is whether the current situation will continue.

Source: Newsghana.com.gh





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