Christians have been advised against using pictures of actors to represent Jesus Christ in their worship and churches.

Rev Justice Koduah, General Overseer of Charity Missionaries Church in Tema, told the Ghana News Agency that using pictures to represent Jesus Christ was blasphemous and deceptive.

Rev Koduah noted that those pictures were not the true reflection of Christ but rather images of about 15 actors who acted the character of Jesus in Christian movies.

He indicated that this was evident, when one of such actors, Mr Robert Powell came out recently to caution people against using his photograph to represent Jesus Christ.

According to him, it was about time the Christian Council of Ghana and other association of churches and pastors dialogue on the issue and take a definite stand against its usage.

He stated that instead of worshiping the true image of Christ, Christians were becoming idol worshippers in the name of bowing to God.

He described as disturbing to see such photos in churches and billboards with people bowing and praying to it while others put it in their drinking water with the believe that by doing so they would receive their healings and needs.

Rev Koduah appealed to teachers and parents to teach their children the real Jesus by describing him to them as it is in the bible instead of showing them those images of actors.

He questioned why pictures of African actors were not being used to represent Jesus since a number of them have also acted his character in movies.