? I choose to lose my life than to dump my soul in deep sorrow all days. I?m very much regretful for been in this unbearable world; very sick and tired. What at all have I done to deserve this? I truly demand answer from my Maker.?

MARFO YUSIFThey say the above words in extreme pains, wondering what actually had gone wrong. This is because their condition is unbearable, very awkward to them. They feel in their heart to have been rejected both by nature and humanity. They run to a high distance whenever they feel or hear anything about it. Also, they never cease pronouncing bitter words unto their lives; such as being unfortunate. I use to ask myself about the issue of this-poverty; the ultimate deadly disease of mankind. You hate to meet it anywhere in life, so as I do. I must say it is a deadly one because its effects in life are more excessive and hurtful. ?Poverty is the mother of invention.? In elaborating this statement means a lot:

I was once in a hospital in Kumasi (around the year 2011) for treatment. Whilst in a queue collecting card, another patient arrived at the hospital?s residence with her private car, alighted and straight forward headed towards the doctor?s office for treatment. I asked myself how is she more important than the other people in the queue, but later realised the different worlds we could find ourselves; ?after all, I did not come with a car. J

My dear reader, I hope you?ll bear witness with me that it?s very serious when we have a critical review of this issue. Somebody in the queue might need an immediate attention, but due to the world he lives in, has shut up the mouth and the whole body awaiting.

Poverty makes people unwise, even though they may not. This is because all decisions from poor people are not preferred. People think poor men make poor decisions? They constantly think of what they?ll eat, where they?ll sleep, what they?ll wear, when to be at unknown places, what to say to defend themselves and many other things others never think of. It truly never set up peace in their lives.

Children of now tend to dislike their biological families due to their inabilities to making these children happy and their lives enjoyable. They refer to their parents ?bad?, ?misery? and even portray to them signs of hatred and disrespectfulness. Many of times, they turn to the other side of the world with their own wish. The children later leave things overturned at the sight of the parents who truly loved their children. People with riches too snatch away beloved wives of poor husbands. Most women on the other hand nowadays need wealthy men to be with in life. All these educate us that poverty conceals the love people have for their partners. ?I wish to have ?? is the motto of the poor, day in and day out.

Poverty retards mission; God is so merciful that He gave each person the natural ability to do things. This we call talents need to be improved through massive training and education, though it?s a natural gift. If I may ask, how on earth is the image of rope seen without a tree? Poverty has hidden talents of millions of people, under deep shadow. They?re mostly seen desperate and idle all day. Sometimes, they try to bring out all that is within, but all to no avail, with poverty.

It hinders the development of countries. Poverty has always been part of the world, even in the developed world where it is assumed that everyone is well-to-do. Countries such as Ghana, Togo and Burkina Faso have seen poverty for a long while. People in these countries die in hunger and tears. Some are exposed to the unfriendly weather. Burden thus settles on the government to providing amenities to the people. By not getting these basic amenities, the people tend to leave the country for greener pastures. Who then is to stay to help develop the nation?

Many people in the world have developed very little interest in the worship of God because of poverty. For a longer time, they?ve had bitter experience, yet keep on worshiping their Lord. They cry unto Him to change their state of poverty, even if it?s their destiny. For a very short time God hesitated, they tend to deny Him. Not like previous times, now attending church demand very much. Money for collection is now advanced, not talking of the type of outfit to put on. Due to these factors, most of them are prevented from attending the churches, just to prevent themselves from being ?odd? among the lot. They stay in their house on Saturdays and Sundays. The happiness and trust they had then are eradicated from their brains. They never think of returning even after getting what they needed.

Generation of crime is another harmful effect. There?re uncountable criminal activities that go on almost every day in families, communities, countries and even religious homes. Some of these criminal activities include; arm robbery, fighting, embezzlement, killing, stealing, hatred, corruption, prostitution and many more. About 90 per cent of people who engage themselves in these practices are virtually not by their wish; as the saying goes- that if nothing go to touch the palm branch, it does not rattle. The spirit of poverty encourages one to kill his brother for money without fear. And also energizes one to fight the other for fame. Even pastors who are known to be preaching the gospel embark on some of these criminal activities.

Those people outside who had gotten no suitable mean of living, and the government who is terribly under pressure too could provide nothing for them start to take measures which will help them attain their daily bread. ?Most of these measures are very bad, such as the mentioned above. They have very much negative impact on the current and the yet-to-come generation, and also contribute to the intensive burden on the government.

Poverty creates force charges on innocent folks, resulting to committing of suicides. Most times when there?s a rise of cases which happen to be done by an individual, the poor among, or in any way relating to the victim(s) become more frightened and shy. Just because of his living world as compared to the rich, who in turns come out to claim innocent against the poor. The state of the poor compels him to keep mute for even if he opens his mouth, all ears become death?They?re released for good, while others are taken into prison and even killed- so compassionate! This is a very serious issue which needs a sudden attention; for it is said that the one who lives by the sword will die by the sword. However, it?s very unfortunate some of our leaders tend not to be aware, and that embark on this devilish and criminal attitudes. We have forgotten the fact that either poor or rich, we shall all one day die and face the judgement of the Creator. May Allah out of His mercy forgive us our inequities?

There have been a lot of discriminatory practices at almost all corners of the world due to the existence of poverty. Now the rich never think of associating themselves to the poor, not talking of marrying, and even tries to shun himself or herself from the tribe they share with the poor. In many of our institutions; talking of the secondary and the tertiary cycle, some students are elect and offered admission provided the fellow belongs so called ?royal session?. So as it?s happening at our work places. The question therefore goes; ?should we die because of poverty?? People travel a long way to search for the cure of poverty. At their various destinations, they are regarded slaves. Because of this some are killed and burnt into ashes, others are also thrown into bottomless pits while alive. The lucky ones become homeless and jobless for a number of years. They wish to have stayed behind after their bitter experiences. Indeed poverty is very cruel.

It can separate the intimate friendship between people. They claim to have everlasting love for each other at the first sight, especially when with riches. As time moves on gradually and the wealth starts to fade away, getting closer to the abode of poverty, there comes a gradual change of mind. They begin to see themselves as enemies. Others aside would never understand the course of their separation. Even they themselves cannot give any affordable reasons. We should therefore understand why people admire to keep by themselves sometimes. They say ?poor no friend?, meaning that no one prefer to befriend the poor. Should it be as it?s said?

One thing I truly understand about nature is perfection. Most at times they say it?s discriminative-the poor ones. My advice hence goes that no one should blame nature. Let?s have heart for endurance for some time and remember that no condition is permanent. Let?s continue to trust only God for change of things, not man. Government come and go out with the same promise of making the poor have a good standard of living, but end up making the poor, even poorer than then, by the time they leave power. The rich too become richer than ever. This shows that man has nothing to offer than to betray and deceive. Please don?t accept the defeat of poverty, fight to say goodbye to it, but in a good manner. Thank you!





NEWLY WRITTEN BY MARFO HUSSAIN YUSIF TO ENLIGHTEN, EDUCATE AND TO CREATE SOME SORT OF AWARENESS ABOUT THE REAL CONCEPT OF POVERTY- THE ULTIMATE ENEMY OF TODAY?S WORLD.(For any information or comments about this article, please contact him on the net: [email protected] /[email protected] . Facebook: marfo hussain. or on phone: 0267673964)

? January 2014; All rights reserved.


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