The Polytechnic Teachers Association of Ghana (POTAG) says it will not call off its nationwide strike until its demands are met.

In an interview with Joy News TV, the Chairman of POTAG at the Accra Polytechnic, Michael Okae Adow said the association has been denigrated and humiliated by representatives of the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission.

According to him, Polytechnic Teachers have waited for several years to be given proper recognition in the scheme of things within the educational set-up by way of giving them acceptable wages and salaries to enable them live meaningful lives within the economy but that is yet to happen.

He said POTAG as a body felt that the single spine salary structure was meant to bring equity for workers with similar job specifications adding that all efforts made since the signing of the mediation agreement in 2010 to give POTAG members what they deserve have proven futile.

The Chairman argued that POTAG lecturers have similar qualifications as their peers in the Universities and so do not understand why they have been singled out.

He was however quick to add that when the same lecturers from the polytechnics migrate to the universities, they are paid as university lecturers.

He appealed to government to act swiftly because almost all the lecturers are resigning to the private and government universities and if care is not taken polytechnic education in the country will collapse and called on government to either close down the country’s polytechnics or do the right thing.

A visit to the Accra Polytechnic campus revealed that every activity in the school has come to a halt with students loitering about on campus.

Most of the students who spoke to Joy News TV were worried the strike action would affect them academically.

Meanwhile, the part time students of the institution have asked POTAG to call off its strike action stressing that they are fee paying students and as such they hav no part to play in POTAG’s plight.


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