Kofi Portuphy

Kofi Portuphy

For the past two weeks the Ghanaian media space was awashed with the calls from the main opposition New Patriotic Party that the National chairman of the NDC Dr Kofi Portuphy must resign as National Coordinator for NADMO since his elevation to the National Chairmanship position of the Ruling NDC but we in the Central Region are appealing to His Excellency The President to unequivocally and unambiguously disregard such calls for Dr Kofi Portuphy to resign.

We want to state without any shred of equivocation that there is no such law in Ghana that nix him from holding that office for being the National Chairman of the NDC. In any case, if such claims are tenable, where were the proponents of this ?dismissal calls? when Sir Dr Kofi Portuphy was the National Coordinator of NADMO as well as the National Vice Chairman of the NDC since 2010.

Again, those who raised moral issues that whether or not the NADMO Coordinator now being the party Chairman of the NDC can exercise his duties faithfully in accordance with the?constitution, must cast their eyes back to the days he was Vice Chairman and they will clearly see that he discharged his duties judiciously and creditably devoid of partisanship to the admiration of all stakeholders as he is still doing same. It must also be noted that the position of NDC National Chairman is not a remunerative position.

The NPP throughout their 8yrs in charge of this country, rendered NADMO dormant and are stunned with the level of resuscitation and revitalisation Dr Kofi Portuphy has brought on board since he took over as the Boss of NADMO from 2009 to present. We NDC leaders and members in the Central Region fully support Sir Dr Kofi Portuphy to remain as NADMO National Boss to continue implementing his transformational? Vision and Direction for NADMO Ghana.

We consider the calls gratuitous , hypocritical and unwarranted. It is a? calculated attempt to poison the atmosphere in order to score a cheap political point or to pursue a certain vendetta. We are also reminding those latter day saints trying to introduce politics into NADMO that disasters does not have any political colour so they should hands off. That? kind of politics is rogue,? nauseating; and we humbly call on The President John Dramani Mahama to ignore such calls and let Dr Kofi Portuphy continue as Nadmo Co-ordinator since his stay in office will attract more donors as was evidenced since his resumption of office.

We are hereby sending a warning signal to those in NADMO who think they cannot work with him to as a matter of urgency resign for him to get the peace of mind to surge forward. ?If the kitchen is too hot for them, they should get out? and leave Dr Kofi Portuphy alone.





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