Richard Baah, a porter, who was arrested by the Police Patrol team behind the Nhyira Cold Store near the Kaneshie Market for dealing in Indian hemp has been sentenced to a three-year jail term.

However, Baah?s accomplice Nii Okai?s case has been deferred by the court.

The two accused persons were charged for trading in narcotic drug and possessing narcotic drug contrary to section 2(1) of PNDC Law 236/90.

Richard Baah pleaded guilty to the offence and was convicted on his own plea. Nii Okai, however, pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The Prosecutor, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Patrick A. Morkeh presenting the case stated that the complainants are the Kaneshie Divisional Police Patrol team, whiles Richard Baah and Nii Okai are both porters at the Kaneshie market.

He said on September 11, 2013 at about 11.15pm the team on their usual patrols around the Kaneshie Lorry Park area had information that Baah and Okai were cutting dried leaves suspected to be Indian hemp behind the Nhyira Cold Store around the market.

He said the team quickly proceeded to the scene and met Baah and Okai busily working on the suspected drug.

DSP Morkeh stated that on seeing the Police Baah left the suspected leaves and attempted to escape but was arrested together with Okai.

He said a quantity of dried leaves and seeds in two separate lotto papers and a pair of scissors they were using to cut the suspected drug were retrieve from Baah and Okai.

He said the accused persons together with the exhibits were also brought to the Police Station for investigations.

DSP Morkeh noted that Baah admitted the offence and stated that he had the supply from a certain man but does not know his name.

However, Nii Okai denied the offence and explained that Baah is a drug peddler at Kaneshie and usually prepares the stuff behind the Cold Store where he Nii Okai sleeps.

He said Nii Okai further explained that when Baah finished cutting the suspected leaves he called him to come for the seeds to throw them away and just as he was about to do that the Patrol team arrived at the scene and arrested them.

DSP Morkeh also noted that efforts were being made to arrest the said man who supplied the stuff to Baah to assist investigations.

He said the exhibits found on the accused persons were also forwarded to the Police Crime laboratory for analytical examination. GNA


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