This was Pope Francis' first pastoral visit to northern Italy

This was Pope Francis? first pastoral visit to northern Italy

The Pope led Sunday prayers in Turin?s cathedral as part of a special public exhibition.

The linen cloth is said to bear the image of Jesus Christ, and some Christians believe that it was his burial shroud.

Sceptics point to carbon dating that suggests it is a medieval forgery from the 1300s.

The Pope sat in contemplation before the shroud.

He then placed his hand on the protective glass case before walking away in silence.

The shroud is on display for two months after a break of five years.

The 4.4-metre-long (14 ft) cloth is on show until 24 June.

The last public viewings were in 2010, when 2.5 million people came to see it.

This visit coincides with the display of the most recent replica of the shroud in the Argentine Pope?s hometown of Buenos Aires.

The shroud is displayed in a climate-controlled case for 12 hours a day in Turin?s Cathedral of St John the Baptist.



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