Poor People
Why Poor People Are Poor?
Why Poor People Are Poor?
Why Poor People Are Poor?

Consider any failed task or failed project and examine Why It Failed?
Personally, I made a lot of failures and I came across many failures made by other persons and communities.
We cannot blame fortune, government, or any creator for our failures. Being poor IS NOT a result of lack of resources; but it is the misuse of resources. Even if people have some sort of valuable resources they may not know them and they will remain poor. And even after knowing their resources they may remain poor. This is failure at its best.
Let us be frank, poverty is a failure, and poor people are failed people. You don?t need to be rich; but you must not be poor at all if you have the basic qualities.
Poor persons; poor communities; and poor nations have at least four common deadly factors that pulling them down. These are: 1- Ignorance; 2- Stupidity; 3- Dishonesty; and 4- Greed.
Ironically, many rich people have these factors but on top of them they have criminality, particularly, the super-rich.
Without addressing these issues head on poverty will remain entrenched in the World.



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