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The ferry at mid waters

The pontoon laden with passengers and vehicles

Motorists and travellers to the Volta Region and parts of the Eastern Region and beyond have appealed to the management of the newly launched Senchi ferry to institute flexible working hours which will make them operate late into the night.

The drivers and passengers who spoke to the DAILY GUIDE over the weekend at the Akrade boarding point of the Senchi ferry port said the present operating time restricted their movement to and from their respective routes.

They said passengers and car users refused to travel after midday fearing they might not be ferried to the other end of the river for them to continue to their respective destinations.

Interestingly, some of the food sellers who sell ?abolo? and fish, kenkey, snail kebab and other food items said the re-location to Akrade had given them a wider opportunity to do business in a risk-free environment.

Instant photographers had taken advantage of the situation to do fast business.

They said they are able to make up to GH?200 or more on a good day.

A taxi driver who had lived in the area for more than 30 years said he would have preferred the construction of a dual carriage bridge across the half kilometre distance than the use of a ferry.

He continued that the construction of a foot bridge would serve as an alternative for the Adomi suspension bridge when the repair works are completed.

The taxi driver further argued that the use of the ferry was not the best as he predicted maintenance challenges in the future and in which case passengers and motorists may have to use alternative routes to their displeasure.

A National Security person on duty at the ferrying point said the ferry could take up to 15 small cars or 12 in bigger vehicles.

He continued that strict adherence to safety was being enforced to ensure that both motorists and passengers were ferried without injury.

He urged travellers and motorists alike to exercise restraint while at the port, adding that since the ferry could not take very large vehicles they had to mix them up with smaller vehicles and that meant having to do random selection of the vehicles.

The New Senchi ferry was commissioned barely two weeks ago to make way for repair works of to be carried out on the Adomi Bridge; an exercise expected to last two years.

By Solomon Ofori


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