By Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai

Mr Macky sall a geological engineer turned politician who defeated Abdullaye Wade to become president of Senegal may not be the most popular all time politician in Africa. He may not be considered a high profile politician like Nelson Mandella, Dr Kwame Nkrumah or Abdulaye Wade. But this man who is 51 years of age has made a gigantic move that is likely to elevate him and African politics to a very high pinnacle.

UntitledWhen he won the presidential election to become president of Senegal in 2012, he was expected to serve a seven year term like his predecessors with the right to seek reelection. However this president in modern Africa has made a move to reduce his term of office from seven to five years. He does not care about losing all the good things that go with the presidency such as huge salary and other allowances. He has gone ahead to call for referendum by the Senegalese people next year to take a collective decision on this matter. Many people including political scientists and journalists who got wind of the intention of Mr. Sall to cut down on the term of office of Senegalese presidents would definitely be surprised by the step taken by Mr Sall for doing something strange and un-African .
They would have expected Mr. Sall to either increase his term beyond seven years and to go for more than two terms as his predecessor attempted to do before he was defeated at the polls by Mr. Sall.
Indeed the decision by the Senegalese president is a marked contrast to several African leaders who are currently eager to increase the number of years allowed them to rule their nations through constitutional and unconstitutional manipulations.
Countries like Benin, Rwanda, Burundi and Congo-Brazzaville and democratic republic of Congo are considering changes to their constitutions which will allow the incumbents a third term. In countries like Algeria, Angola, Chad, Djibouti and Uganda, the laws have been changed to favor the incumbents, while in Burkina Faso, Blaise Compaore?s attempt to contest again in violation of the constitution led to his eventual removal from office.
Sall however said he wants to be different.
He decided to fulfill his campaign pledge in order to make a difference and prove that Africans are capable of offering honest and modest style of governance
Perhaps the decision he took is to prove to the world that Africans are capable of providing honest and modest leadership devoid of prolonging their stay in office unnecessarily.
The intention of Mr. Sall if carried through will be an example worth emulating by up and coming politicians and administrators who would find themselves in responsible positions in all parts of Africa
Mr. Sall fought his way to become president the hard way. As a member of the government of Abdullaye Wade he served as minister, prime minister and president of the legislative assembly in Senegal but ended up being sacked by ?the almighty? Abdullate Wade. He later formed his own political party on which ticked he contested and defeated Mr Abdulaye Wade in 2012. All well meaning people on learning about the step taken by Mr. Sall in Africa and the world over will definitely give their support to him and pray and encourage him to succeed.
No matter how long he will serve as president he would make a lasting impression in the annals of history of politicians in Africa and get many people to follow his footsteps. He will succeed in pushing African politics to the extent that their exploits and life styles would be topics of study in history, economics and political science the world over.

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