Ghana's political parties
Ghana's political parties

The Members of the Yendi Catholic Church have organized a special church service at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes at Yendi to give praise and thanks to God for His care for the nation.

They also prayed for the President, political leaders, the security, the judiciary, the media, traditional leaders amongst others.

In a sermon, the Catholic Bishop of Yendi, called on all in responsible positions, particularly political leaders to be open to genuine criticism, accept their mistakes and make the necessary efforts towards nation building.

He said it is in this way all will be united in their efforts to defend the democratic dispensation and forge ahead and forget their political differences.

Bishop Boi-Nai said we should be reminded of the warning of Prophet Ezekiel who warns his contemporaries that if they failed to correct their fellow brothers and sisters when they do wrong they become guilty of the person’s sin.

He said correcting the person is not to bring the fellow down instead it is to help the person to turn away from their evil ways and be converted to the Lord.

Bishop Boi-Nai said how they can really love their neighbour when they fail to point their errors to them.

He appealed to Ghanaians to be open in genuine corrections in their pilgrimage towards the Kingdom of God and this should be done in the spirit of love, humanity and sincerity.

Bishop Boi-Nai said the love of one’s neighbour involves demands which challenges their apathy and their desire to avoid problems.

He said the theme of the service: “Responsibility for other people in the communities in which they live” is very appropriate and called on all Christians to live exemplary lives of love which requires us to pay attention to another member’s errors.

Bishop Boi-Nai used the occasion to appeal to all the church members to join him in thanking God for His Graces showers upon him during the past 40 years he served in His vineyard.

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