Prophet Peter Anamoh, an international evangelist, has urged policy makers to painstakingly create an atmosphere that help to identify and nurture individual talents towards national progress rather than focusing on the mass education approach.wpid-clergy.jpg

?The breakthrough inventions in Europe and elsewhere were not the creation of policy makers or governments, but the result of individual skill and talent,? he stated.

Prophet Anamoh, who was speaking in an interview with journalists at the Kotoka International Airport, upon returning from a working visit to the US, said it was unfortunate that in Ghana, and indeed, Africa, so much was expected of politicians and policy makers to the detriment of the socio-economic growth that could be sparked through the development of individual skill and talent.

?Every human being is born a leader, and I mean not as a President or King, but that everyone is unique and could have a lot to offer to himself or her herself, as well as to the entire society, but this would be possible only if they discover their true talents and abilities.?

Prophet Anamoh said sometimes, no matter how hard some people tried, they could not excel because they were in the wrong places, in terms of profession or career.

?All they have to do, is to find what God has blessed them with by way of talent, and they would do much better,? he said.

He, therefore, urged parents, teachers, and other guardians of children, not to only concentrate on urging children towards the ?traditional careers?, but also to find out the particular talents they might have, which could be of much more use to themselves and the nation.



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