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Director Pips

A police officer, Corporal Bright Dapaah of the CID Operations Unit in the police service has acted with impunity by snubbing the authority of the police PIPS.

Corporal Bright Dapaah whose activities are tarnishing the image and hard earned reputation of the Ghana Police Service has thrown away a petition that was filed against him at the PIPS over his activities on the Atta Tawiah Tsinatse family land at Tse Addo.

The said Corporal Bright Dapaah, was seen at the site of the Ataa Tawiah Tsinaatse family lands and without a court order at about 7 pm accompanied by other policemen in CID operation jacket pulled down a construction fence wall.

This incident happened at the full glare of some developers who were at the site.

The incident resulted in the Ataa Tawiah Tsinaatse family spokesperson rushing to the land site to seek answers from the said Corporal Bright Dapaah, on which Court order he used to carry out the exercise but was surprising to note that there was no Court Order.

Further interrogation from the family spokesperson, Henry Addo rather provoked the police officer who verbally assaulted him verbally.

Corporal Bright Dapaah in anger, rushed to his parked operations pick up vehicle threatening to pull a weapon from the car to shoot the spokesperson but the crowd had to hold him to prevent any unforeseen situation that could have occurred.

The incident resulted in a formal complaint lodge at the Tse Ado police post, where an extract was given to further pursue the case at the headquarters of the Ghana police Service to unravel the circumstances surrounding the intelligence gathered and information which was received two days before the actions, inactions and conduct of the police officer who was bent on carrying out the unlawful demolishing exercise against some developers at the land site as was prearranged between DSP Karim Atuluk, Adolph Tetteh Adjei and Corporal Bright Dapaah to be carried out.

This was revealed by sources close to the CID Operations unit of the Ghana police service and intelligence; hence an online publication was carried out a day before Corporal Bright Dapaah came to execute his paymasters’ action by pulling down the fence wall without a court order.

Further, pursuant to the actions of Corporal Bright Dapaah paymasters action was a sporadic shooting of an AK 47 Assault rifle at the land site to intimidate the Ataa Tawiah Tsinaatse family members who were working on the site, but were confronted by a team of policemen from the cantonments division Police station who claimed to have been deployed to the site by their commander Frempong based on a complaint made at the station by one Adolph Tetteh Adjei and Lawyer Kojo Graham.

They also contracted Corporal Bright Dapaah on the same expedition to chase one Nii Ayi Awala who is acting as an attorney for the Ataa Tawiah Tsinaatse family.

On the day our investigative team took this secret photograph, Nii Ayi Awala, a.k.a. seriki Awala offered Corporal Bright Dapaah and his four other occupants of the Mitsubishi pickup an amount of 2,500 Ghana Cedis when they came to the site; 500 Ghana Cedis each.

Some members of Corporal Bright Dapaah’s team who were not satisfied with the money he gave them after collecting the money from his paymasters revealed an information of 10,000 Cedis Dapaah allegedly received from Adolph Tetteh Adjei, one of the developers on the Tse Ado lands to purchase a weapon and to use it against Nii Ayi Awala’s boys at the site to serve as evidence against them for unlawful possession of weapons to defeat their aim and purpose of protecting the land in the interest of the Ataa Tawiah Tsinaatse family.

The two separate police officers both from the Cantonments Divisional Police Station and that of the CID operations unit of the CID headquarters all teamed up to join forces to intimidate and clampdown the Ataa Tawiah Tsinaatse family on their own property being the 2300 acres of land which was endorsed for the by the Late La Mantse, the Late Former Speaker of Parliament Peter Ala Adjettey and two sub chiefs from the La Traditional council as custodians of the Opintin lands in the name of Ataa Tawiah Tsinaatse family.

The teamed up action on the attacks by both police unit from the cantonments divisional police station and that of the CID headquarters operations rather resulted in the handcuffing of two policemen, with one out of service and the other in police uniform who ended up in tight handcuffs on both personnel’s wrist in absolute pains and rendering them hopeless on the ground at the land site at Tse Ado.

This action by the police being carried out by Corporal Bright Dapaah under the order of DSP Karim Atuluk, has been very disappointing to the Ataa Tawiah Tsinaatse family for the conduct being shown up on their lands by Corporal Bright Dapaah at the highest impunity to the extent that he took hold of the petition served on him by Henry Addo on Saturday 2nd March, 2019 at the land site, and after reading the address on the letter which was his name decided to throw away the letter on the ground in presence of other witnesses.

His exact words were “Ahh Tswiaa PIPS” who is PIPS…”

Video evidence of Corporal Bright Dapaah at Tse Ado lands verbally assaulting Henry Addo, Saying look at you who is PIPS, Tswiaa.”

Also on Saturday March 1, 2019 Corporal Bright Dappah was heard in a heated argument abusing Henry Addo saying “Foolish, look at that man.”

More revelation to come on Corporal Bright Dapaah ,DSP Karim Atuluk and his paymasters to intimidate the Ataa Tawiah Tsinaatse family.


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