The Mangled taxi
The Mangled taxi

The reason is that the feat chalked by the taxi driver is rare and an extra ordinary show of bravery by an unarmed person who is not attached to the police service and other arms of the national security, yes not the army the police or the Bureau of National Intelligence.

The Mangled taxi
The Mangled taxi

The news is that the taxi driver, who was a witness to the robbery incident by two robbers who were escaping on a motorbike after snatching a bag from a sales girl of the Kuala Supermarket, crashed into them with his car, injuring the robbers leading to their arrest.

The robbers sustained fractures and are on admission at the Police Hospital pending their trial at the court later. The sales girl from who the robbers snatched the cash also sustained injury from gun shots from the robbers and is also on admission for treatment at the 37th Military Hospital. Although the incident occurred in cantonments the former President JJ Rawlings drew attention of the entire nation to the bravery of the taxi driver and called for a reward for him. The acting Inspector General of police responded by commending the taxi driver and promising to reward him adequately by bestowing on him an honor and repairing his taxi cab. However news trickling in indicates that the management of Kuala Supermarket has decided to provide the taxi driver with a new car in place of his that got damaged while chasing the robbers.

The offer by the Kuala is a step in the right direction for it will sooth the heart of the driver and encourage other drivers to lay their lives for the state and individuals who are confronted by criminals. While commending the taxi driver for his bravery, the Ghana Police Service deserve praise for recognizing the good work done by the taxi driver and going ahead to offer him help and honor. The former President Rawlings also deserves commendation for bringing to the fore the good work done by the taxi driver.

This will encourage other leading figures in the country to recognize the good works of our people. The management of Kuala in promising to replace the taxi driver’s car in place of the damaged one must also be commended. The lesson learnt in all this is that it pays to lay down one life for individuals and the state. Again it is also heartwarming for men in authority and the corporate world to reward good deeds of people and to encourage the ordinary people to cultivate the habit of patriotism to be able to support and safeguard each others in times of need.

From now on the Ghana Police Service and the security service in general must intensify their community service work by sensitizing the ordinary people to work closely with the police in crime prevention. The reward packages for each national duty in support of the police and national security must be announced regularly to entice people to work with the police.

Taxi drivers by the nature of their work have proved to be a very good part of the public servicemen who can provide good support for the police; therefore the police should intensify close relationship with them in order for them to report regularly on activities of dangerous people in the society. This way the movement of criminals would be known even before they attempt to commit crimes.

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