Political Pressure group, the Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) says its much publicized ?Red Revolution Demonstration? in protest against the decision by the Dr. Afari Djan led Electoral Commission to create 45 new constituencies, has been called off after the Ghana Police Service decided not to give them the go-ahead even threatened to secure an interim injunction to halt the demonstration if need be.

The ?Red Revolution Demonstration? was initially scheduled take place on Tuesday, September 25, but the political pressure group say, the Police Service, after agreeing to and approving their routes has reneged on its word.

AFAG however says it is ?unperturbed? by this latest setback and ?orchestrations, frustrations and threats? by their detractors.

At a press conference held in Accra today to announce the postponement of the protest march, AFAG revealed that as has been the standard practice, the group, in accordance with the public order act 491 (1994), wrote to the Ghana Police Service to notify them of their intended demonstration; a request which was duly granted by the Ghana Police Service.

But AFAG says, a few hours short of the d-day, the police service say their planned protest march cannot go-ahead.

?This is indeed mind boggling. We do not at this stage want to postulate that there are some orders from above dictating the turn of events as far as our demonstration is concerned?.We are however assuring all that AFAG is still resolute and would never be perturbed by the orchestrations, frustrations and threats of our detractors. Today the powers that be have had their way but someday, the majority of Ghanaians will also have their say,? leaders of AFAG said in a statement read at the press conference.


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