A Veteran Politician, Mr. Joshua Attoh Quarshie has called on the police and the state security to work hard and regain the somehow lost reputation.

IGPMr. Attoh Quarshie, who is also the Head of Oto Kunor We (Family) of James Town in Accra, said if the country could prosper or broken, it would depend on these institutions.

He said the whole nation spoke ill against the police and the state security of being corrupt, but to him, ?this is not 100% correct. This is because, there are institutions that are corrupt than the police and the state security. There are institutions that don?t bring peace into this nation and are difficult for the police to deal with them because they are government officials.?

Mr. Attoh Quarshie alluded that, ?we know when you do a good job, someone can say ?ayekoo? (well done) and that ayekoo must come now to revive the respect, hope and peace we are expecting from the police and the state security to enable them put their feet down to protect the state instead of individuals? he said, adding that ?They should know that they are powerful than the Head Of State despite the fact that they are under the him. If the Head of State offend the law, it is the State Security and the Police who can cause the arrest and put him before Court so they must respect their institutions. They can arrest even the Chief Justice and put him before court so they should know if the country can develop; it should come from them and if it would break it comes from them.?

He recalled that ?when I was growing up, if someone is putting up a building, the state security will investigate where that income came from and where he got that money whether the person is a farmer, fisherman or another worker. It is the duty of the state security to know all these so they must respect their institution?.

Mr. Attoh Quarshie appealed to the police to stop receiving perceived little GH?5.00 from some commercial drivers who allegedly put in driving licence while on road for checks.

?If a man offends and he offers you such an amount for you to set him free, you are not doing the nation any good. Take for instance, if his insurance has expired and give him 24hour to go and do it and report himself to any police station, the driver can meet you give you something to thank you for not delaying his time when you arrested him. This is good?.

He explained that ?institutions like Lands Department, Customs, the Trade and Industry Ministry, are corrupt than any institution in the country, but people take the police to task because they are always on the road checking the drivers?.

Mr. Attoh Quarshie said when the police take offenders to court, ?what the judges stand on to set them free is hundred times what they will give to the police and they always talk about the police.?

He called on the Chief Justice to take a critical look at one Dentist Coffie who is parading himself as a Royal at James Town.

?I am appealing to the Chief Justice to call for a re-trial of Dentist Coffie in an case for which they jailed his Surveyor. This man has caused bloodshed from Oblogo, near Weija, Aplaku, Bortianor, Oshiee, Amanfro, among others, by setting non-royals, non-proper Gas in a position so that he can get their support to sell the land to people. Dentist Coffie must be dealt with. This man is not a royal, he is not from James Town, and he is called Kwamena. His CV in my possession state that the father comes from Sempe and the mother Owuman, but I am making it clear that, the mother gave birth to him, before he married Coffie so his name is Kwamena and not Coffie.He can challenge me in court over these allegations?.

He explained that Mr Coffie?s mother and auntie came to rent a house at James Town and he bought his way when there was a dispute between the Ga royals. The case is before court and whenever the case is called, he (Coffie) allegedly bribes the officials with land and money?.

Mr. Attoh Quarshie accused Dentist Coffie of putting people in the bush and whenever the poor farmers are going to plant crops they chase them with cutlass because they want to sell the land. He surrounded himself with servants who are not royals like himself and are causing mess on our land. I see no reason why he should be set free, this wicked wretch?.

He called on all royals in James Town to join force with my family, Oto Kunor We, to fight against the descendants of the slaves in James Town. ?I am pointing out to Ghanaian that we are not the first people that servants are occupying our stools?.

He cited a typical example in the Bible?Lamentation Chapter 5:8 ?Servants have ruled over us: there is none doth deliver us out of their hand?, the same thing applies to the former Mimhene of Ashanti, Nana Appiah Kusi Brempong II, who the present Ashantihene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II distooled him and the queen for ruling them twenty and thirty years respectively illegally.

He called on Ga Adanme that ?we are one people, one language, one Bible. It is time to join hand with James Town Oto Kunor We Ajumako Royals, Adanse and Trom. We call upon all the Ga Adanmes to come out with one voice to clear out all these slave descendants from our midst who are selling our lands recklessly and causing mess and confusion everywhere?.




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