Ghana police
Ghana police

Commissioner of Police (COP) Nathan Kofi Boakye, the Ashanti Regional Commander, said the goal was to monitor weapons they were keeping, to check for any unauthorized ones in their custody.

He told journalists in Kumasi that the police hierarchy was determined to go to every length to cleanse the service of the “bad nuts”.

He warned that any officer caught engaged in criminal activities, especially robbery, would be ruthlessly dealt to serve as deterrent.

COP Boakye said they would never allow the few miscreants to create image problems for the service.

He made reference to recent incidents were police officers had been caught in robbery and car snatching incidents and said such shameful acts could not be allowed to continue.

The Regional Commander called for general public to remain on the alert and avoid being swindled in their eagerness to join the service.

No police officer or civilian could get anyone recruited through the back-door.

Those interested in joining the service should therefore go through the right process, he said, adding that, cutting corners would simply not work.

Source: GNA/News Ghana


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