The Police, according to reliable sources, have begun an extensive search for terrorist landguard who have made it their daily duty to harass the people of Ningo on their lands.

The search was necessitated by recent happenings in the area which created fear and panic, making the Chief and the Wulormo of Ningo and his elders to flee their villages for fear of their lives.

This paper has gathered that Nene Otuaboah Agbi II, is currently seeking refuge in Accra for fear of his life with other members of his family as well as elders of Old and New Ningo.

The Moment has established that over ten people considered to be behind the activities of the landguards are at large, and the police is in search of them. The group of landguards involving Asafoatse Tortime of Kle We of Prampram, Nii Adotey Otintor Claimant to Sempe Stool in Accra, Johny Kiotso, Godfred, Abu Surveyor, Willie, Nene Tei Djangmah the New Ningo Chief, Numo James Tetteh Akunor, A.K Adekeke, and Godwin who are led by Asafoatse Tortime have been terrorizing residents of Old and New Ningo, making people who legally acquired their lands from rightful owners live in fear.

It came up that government intention to develop the Ningo area as a place for the construction of a new airport has turned the attention of landguards in the area.

These landguards with the leadership in the name of the claimant to the Sempe Stool in Accra, Nii Otinto, Jonny Miotso, Asofoatse Totime of Klewey of Prampram has organized over 200 landguards into the communities of Old and New Ningo, only to invade the area.

Sources indicate that several complaints to the Police Commander at Prampram, DSP Bampoe have proved futile.

Although the police was at the scene, the leader of the landguards, Jonny Miotso and Asafoatse Totime chased the police, crossed their vehicle and ordered the release of the arrested landguards.

Seven armed landgaurds who were in possession of pump action guns got the landguards released from the police vehicle which was on its way to the police station. Their vehicle was immediately released to them at the station by the commander DSP Bampoe without any processing of the case to court.

They further went on the land to take over the site and sent threats to Nene Otuboa II and his elders to vacate the community before they lose their lives.

It was also gathered that the landguads who are currently occupying lands in Ningo had among them five of the robbers involved in the recent robbery case in Hotel Ashiaman.

This development had caused elders to desert the town.

However, now that the search for the notorious landguards has began, the Police in Prampram have asked the Chief of Ningo, Nene Otuaboah Agbi II and his elders who have fled the town to return home.




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