Former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi

Former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi

Addressing Journalists at Parliament this afternoon, the Committee members mainly from NRM applauded the Force for particularly exhibiting what they called professionalism while arresting the former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi on Thursday.

Committee chairperson Benny Namugwanya noted that today the Police use minimum force and cooperate as much as possible with the civilian unlike before.

?As a committee that oversees the activities of Police, we would like to salute them for exhibiting professionalism during the arrest of Hon. Mbabazi on Thursday. As the committee chair, I am happy with the way they handled the situation. This is the professionalism we have been craving for. How I wish they could continue,? Namugwanya said.

She appealed to the Force to maintain ?the same spirit? as the political temperatures in the country rises.

Namugwanya was accompanied by committee members Simon Mulongo, Michael Mawanda and Peter Nakabale.

Although none of the opposition members attended the briefing, Namugwanya said their views were the committee?s views not individuals.

This was after the journalists demanded to know why the opposition members were not invited for the briefing and whether the members? views were of the committee.

?I am the spokesperson of the Committee and these are the committee?s views though other people may have dissenting views or minority views,? she said.

Mulongo noted that Police for years has been condemned for using excessive powers while arresting civilians, today things have changed.

?We are now seeing relative, minimum and reasonable force being used. They handled the situation in a calm way and stopped the aspiring candidates who were trying to break the law to stop,? he said.

Mulongo criticized Mbabazi for ignoring NRM Party rules yet he is a member who is a lawyer and understands the laws and regulations very well.

?Mbabazi is a member of the Party who walks and talks NRM. He is not above the law. If he is still in the Party, he must obey the party rules,? Mulongo said.

There was drama when the journalists instead of asking questions, warned the MPs against calling them for another press briefing when the Police ?harasses them.?

?You are saying things are all fine just because you are on the other side of the coin. We hope you will not complain when it?s your time,? one of the Journalists warned.

By Mary Karugaba, The New Vision


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