Abu Dhabi Police have arrested M. M., a 41-year-old Bengali, for buying two rams from

J.S., a 65-year-old Emirati woman, with counterfeit money.

The suspect?s strong interest to select from only the best livestock aroused suspicion and

subsequently led to his arrest.

According to Abu Dhabi Police, the victim reported that she had been scammed by the

suspect in the transaction of two rams, worth Dhs10,000. The woman, who is the owner

of the sheep farm, had received the amount in Dhs100 bills that later turned out to be


The victim was unable to recall the exact details of the suspect when describing him,

aside from his general looks.? She was, however, able to provide an elaborate description

of the rams that had been stolen, revealing that one of the sheep was Najdi and the other a

Nuaimi. Both had brown wool, fat physiques, and large horns.?

In reference to the descriptions, the Abu Dhabi Police thought it wise to head a search

and investigations operation to identify the criminal by finding the two rams.? The efforts

soon paid off after the rams were found in one of the livestock markets with the Bengali

himself trying to sell them for Dhs2,000. The rams were seized and the suspect arrested,

each delivered to their respective places.


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